Fall Wish List

School starts in just under a week, and I. AM. PUMPED.  I’m serious!  I am very excited to meet my new students, and I am in pretty in love with my new school so far.  I kind of think my new vice principal wants to be best friends for life (in a completely platonic way).

Going back to school wouldn’t be complete without a little perusing of the fall fashions, and there are a few pieces I would love to get my hands on:

1.  Thick black leggings/jeggings


My post on not understanding leggings as pants is one of my post popular posts (you all need to lay off looking for photos of people’s bums through see-through leggings…), but this is different.  I have a problem with thin leggings as pants.  Thick ones, as long as you can rock them with confidence, are fine with me.  Really.  I want a pair that I am not afraid to show my bum in, so they have to be thick material.  Anyone have any good places to look?

2.  Black riding boots


I am in shoe love with riding boots.  My brown ones were definitely worn a LOT last year, and I would love to expand my boot collection with a pair of black or gray boots.

3.  Fall dresses


Pinterest does two things to me:  makes me hungry and makes me wish I could shop without money being an issue.  I see all of these beautiful fall dresses that inspire me, and I want them all!  Just look at how scrumptious these dresses are.  Don’t you want them, too?  No?  Well, you could always buy them for me then.  Just a thought.

4.  Chambray shirt


This trend totally got me today.  During my district new teacher orientation, one of the special education directors was wearing a gorgeous tailored chambray shirt.  I was sold.  Please find me one, oh fashion gods.  For next to nothing, if you could.

If only we didn’t need to budget so much and save money… Maybe I’ll find some this weekend when B and I hit the thrift stores in the Boston area this weekend!

What are you loving this fall?


Love VoxBox Review

A while ago, I received my first VoxBox in the mail.  For those of you who haven’t heard of VoxBoxes, it is a small box of products that want people to test out new items and then talk about them online.  It’s run through Influenster, and you have to fill out different surveys about yourself to get “badges” about what you do, stand for, have habits for, etc.  For example, I have a Twitter badge because I have a Twitter account and an outdoor badge because I love doing outdoor activities.  I have a bunch more, but you get the idea. 

My first VoxBox was sent a couple weeks after Valentine’s Day (I know, a while ago!), and it was all love themed.  I was super excited to get it in the mail (and stalked everyone else’s posts on Twitter and whined about not getting mine because of big snowstorms), so when I got it, I ripped into it with B.  Here’s what we found:

1.  A product card – The card tells you A) the theme of your VoxBox and B) what the products in the box are (and how much they will probably cost at your local store).  It’s pretty helpful to get a good description of each product and an idea of what you will be reviewing.

2.  Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar – So I totally ate this (and I even shared with B!) and B threw out the box before I could take a photo of it.  Oops.  But the picture is of the coupon!  It came with a great coupon, which is very nice.  The chocolate itself is incredibly milky and creamy.  If you are a dark chocolate fiend, this is not for you.  If you love milk chocolate, however, have at it!  It was absolutely delicious.  It wasn’t too sweet, which is always a concern of mine with milk chocolate bars.  I would definitely recommend this for killing your chocolate craving.

3.  Gillette Venus and Olay Razor – Good. Ness.  This razor makes you ridiculously smooth and you barely need any shave cream. Perfect for the upcoming beach season!  I loved Venus razors before, but this one is the best I have tried thus far.  Run to go get one if you need a new razor.

4.  Kiss Nail Design – Fashion That Sticks – Someone knew what he/she was doing when he/she sent me the box with leopard print nail stickers.  I love me some leopard print.  I’m not going to lie; I was a little doubtful when I first looked at these.  My nails chip faster than you could paint your nails, or in this case, put on stickers.  I am tough on my nails.  These lasted pretty well (around 4-5 days), and I really liked the print a lot.  They say that you can put them on your toes, but I must have a really big big toe nail because none of them were large enough.  Story of my feet.  Nothing is big enough to fit.

5.  Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler – I’m not always a tea lover, but the flavors in this box are pretty yummy.  I need a lot of flavor payoff in my teas, and these seem to be pretty good hot and cold.  I really like how they list every single flavor and each component within the flavors.  As someone with a food allergy, individual lists are incredibly appreciated. 

6. Truvia Natural Sweetener – I loved their first jingle.  Now that it’s to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” I’m a little bummed.  But the actual product is pretty fair.  It’s a basic sweetener, and I seem to be okay with it.  I am okay with Splenda, so I guess my taste buds seem to jive with anything without aspartame.  The little packets didn’t make this ideal for baking, though (but I know that was only because they were sending samples, which is very very nice of them).

Overall, I was really pleased with the products I got in my first VoxBox.  I would definitely encourage you to sign up to check out how VoxBoxes work and become a part if you want to be product testers and talkers.  I certainly don’t get paid (besides being paid in products to try the goods), but if you want to get some samples and give some reviews, go to Influenster and create an account.  It’s totally free!  Who doesn’t like getting goodies in the mail?

Have you tried any of these products?  What do you think?

Off From Lent!

When Easter rolled around, I was SO READY to be done with Lent.  I had given up shopping for clothing, and after watching so many haul videos on YouTube (why do I watch those?!  They are so addicting!), I was ready to see what I could find with some of the current trends.

I went to Goodwill with a gift card I had, and I ended up making out pretty well!  And, because I wanted to try it again (and look dorky), I decided to give the whole YouTube haul video a try again.  Egads.  Good luck watching it!

What have you purchased lately?

The Search Is On!

With Easter finally hopping in tomorrow, Lent is coming to a close.  Thank goodness!  I gave up thrift shopping for Lent because it was something that I loved to do, and to me, I find it important to give up something you really like or love in order to show your sacrifice.  For me, that was thrifting.  But now that it’s over, I feel like I have put thrifting back into perspective.  I can’t afford to shop all the time, and when I do shop, I need to keep it within certain restrictions.

That being said, I do have some trends and pieces that I want to try and find in my next Goodwill excursions.

1.  Mint and coral


Mint and coral colors are very very in right now, and I would love to jump onto the bandwagon.  I could very easily turn these colors into work appropriate pieces, summer pieces, and generally great-for-any-time pieces.  Sounds like a win!

2.  Handbags


I have such a craving for different handbags.  I am the type of person who gets stuck in a rut with handbags because I almost never change the one I have every day.  Shame on me…  I really need to get better about that.  I am on the hunt for handbags with color, structure, and just all around appeal.

3.  Dresses


I want some spring and summer dresses because, well, I want the warm weather we got a little taste of back.  Now, please!  I love the feminine touches dresses bring to a season, and I want some that aren’t incredibly dressy.  I mean, I’m not going to cocktail parties all summer, and even if I was, a girl needs some variety, am I right?

4.  Jewelry


Like handbags, I am craving some bracelets and necklaces.  I want different pieces that bring a little bit more intrigue to an outfit.  I tend to get compliments on my jewelry the most at work, and I can tell you that most of my collection is super cheap costume jewelry.  Why not see what else I can add to it?

5.  Sunglasses


It’s getting brighter.  A girl needs glasses.  Enough said.

6.  Sandals


This, of course, means I need to give myself a pedicure, STAT.  But who doesn’t want to have colorful feet that are cool and comfy?

I guess the longer I stay away from shopping, the more time I have for window shopping.  That may not have been a good thing… Time to go clean out my closet!

What are you on the hunt for lately?

Feedback, Jack

Lately, there seems to be a lot of feedback coming my way about my blog here.  I find it interesting because (A) people are reading my writing when I am posting (woohoo!) and (B) a lot of what I have heard has been from… men.  Maybe I was completely naive to think that the majority of my readers would be women, but when you write about fashion, the stereotypical reader is of the female persuasion.  But I guess I should listen to my own lessons in my classroom.  Stereotypes are bad, no matter how flattering they appear on the outside; someone always gets hurt with stereotypes.  Bad Erin…

When writing a blog, you always hope that someone is out there reading it.  Sometimes, it’s just your mom.  I don’t think it’s my mom, though, because I’m not entirely sure she knows I have this blog.  She found it funny that I stumbled across a way to blog for Goodwill.  I guess it never really occurred to her that I must have a way to get their attention in the first place.  In the beginning, it was just B.  Then I posted to Facebook, and my readers grew.  Then I got Twitter.  Then I was “hired” by Goodwill.  Now?  Now I’m getting feedback at work from coworkers who happen to click on my blog link when I post to Facebook (hey, guys!), which is both flattering and cool.  I’m also getting attention from a couple of angry men who seem to be totally swept up in the leggings as pants trend.  Who knew?

Come to think of it, that seems to be what has really made me wonder for the past few weeks.  It just started with one comment about how I “shouldn’t expect everyone to dress the same.”  You are absolutely correct, sir, and that’s the whole point of the blog.  I thrift because I want to save money, I want to experiment in creating my own version of fashion, and I want to be unique in how I put outfits together.  Was I missing something?  Did I write something I hadn’t intended?  Then it happened again on Thursday afternoon.  An anonymous gentleman “Mark” asked if I would expect the Rockettes to change their tights just to appear on David Letterman.  No, Mr. Mark, I wouldn’t, but if one of my students showed up to English class in a Rockettes outfit, you better believe he or she would be making a phone call home to put on some appropriate clothing for the school day.  Oh, and please watch the high kicks in my room, thanks so much.

Maybe that’s something I need to tackle, where my true “rules” and inspirations lie.  I want clothing to be appropriate for the occasion.  I want to push the envelope in a way that fits who I am but could play with some of the trends, and I know that I need/want to do more with pieces that I could be a little scared to try out in public, like wearing a maxi skirt.  While that may sound like conformity, I see it as a way of making myself stand out in a good way.  Getting attention for being the girl who wore a bikini to the cocktail party (ha! Like I’m ever invited to those!) isn’t exactly what I am going for. 

You go, Texas bikini girl!  You’re in great shape!  I would have gone with different color shoes, though.


With the big changes my life will probably be going through in the near future (more info on that one coming up when plans are a little firmer…), I keep coming back to writing because it’s creating talk, talk about fashion and society and expectations.  This is what I teach about!  So keep the comments coming (just be polite, please, even if you don’t like what I have to say).  I am loving it!

How do you think I could make my blog better?  What would you like to see more of, less of, or just plain tweaked?  Let me know!  Inspiration is always appreciated.

Sightful Sunday: It’s So Easy Being Green

Did everyone survive St. Patrick’s Day yesterday?  I certainly hope so!  B and I went to a hockey game with his parents and did a whole lot of lounging before that.  I know, it sounds so very appropriate for the holiday.  Oh well.

I love St. Patrick’s Day, though, because of the green.  I love the color green, and I wish people would try wearing it a lot more.  Who wouldn’t want to get into some of these looks?


Maybe it’s easier being green than we thought!  Look out Kermit, here we come!

Have a wonderful week!

Sightful Sunday: Everything’s Coming Up Flowers

Whoa!  Where did that whole time change come from?  I’ve been working with very little sleep this week, thanks to my drama club’s competition, so I just wanted to sleep in this morning.  By the time I woke up, it was already “10:45 AM.”  Ugh, time change… why do you have to be like that?

Either way, we have had a couple of days of spring temperatures this week, so I wanted to celebrate that with a post on the quintessential spring print:  flowers!  Who can resist a great floral print?


Or, if you don’t really want to wear flowers on your clothing, you could always rock it on your nails!


Hopefully this will make you so much more excited for spring!

Have a great week, everyone!

Salivating Over Salvation Army Finds

Once my goal of only spending $10 a month on clothing was over, I kind of went a little nuts at Salvation Army.  I mean, when the typical person thinks of going nuts while shopping, he or she might think about spending hundreds of dollars.  I think of spending $20.  Yeah… there is a little bit of a difference…

I ended up finding some great pieces for my wardrobe and a couple of pieces to try some Pinterest clothing projects I had tagged for some DIY posts.

Brown faux-snake skin belt:  PRICE ON TAG: $0.99 / PAID: $0.50 / RETAIL: ~$15

Liz Claiborne navy linen button-up:  PRICE ON TAG: $3.99 / PAID: $2 / RETAIL: $74.25

Banana Republic plum button-up: PRICE ON TAG: $4.99 / PAID: $0.99 / RETAIL: $59.50

Faded Glory gray and blue polo for Pinterest project: PRICE ON TAG: $1.99 / PAID: $0.99 / RETAIL: $8.87

Vintage San Moire pink pleated skirt: PRICE ON TAG: $3.49 / PAID: $0.99 / RETAIL: ~$30.00

Old Navy men’s red t-shirt for t-shirt scarf necklace for my cousin Jess:  PRICE ON TAG: $1.99 / PAID: $0.99 / RETAIL: $9.94

Jos A. Bank red with blue pinstripes silk tie for B:  PRICE ON TAG: $0.99 / PAID: $0.99 / RETAIL: $69.50


The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot for my classroom library: PAID: $0.50 / RETAIL: $13.85

Imitation cut glass vase (not heavy enough to be real):  PRICE ON TAG: $3.99 / PAID: $0.99 / RETAIL: ~$20.00

TOTAL:  PRICE ON TAG:  $22.92 / PAID: $8.94 / RETAIL:  $300.91

Savings?  $291.97 without taxes on anything.  You know what?  I’ll take it!  Most of these items have already been worn and loved quite a few times!

The Clothes that Broke My Goal

You all are bad influences!  Look what happens with a little peer encouragement pressure!  Remember how I had this grand plan on only spending $10 a month for the year on clothing?  Yeah, well, I’ve kissed that goodbye.  Because of the responses I got on Twitter and Facebook, I decided to have a little more freedom in what I find thrifting (well, I did, but now I am completely cut off for a little bit… but that’s for another post).  So these are the purchases that started out so innocently, but they were the budget plan killers.  Granted, these shopping trips were rather spaced out throughout the month, but still!  Look!  (Oh, and enjoy!)


Merona tan faux-fur boots with tassel:  ORIGINAL PRICE: $35 / PAID: $14.38 (no longer available online)

The first piece (or pieces) were from Target.  Now, I was fully willing to let these eat up my monthly budget until April because I really did need new winter fashion boots (sorry, L.L. Bean, your boots just don’t look good with anything but snow pants).  These babies were totally worth it.  I call them my “grown-up Uggs.”  The tops are faux fur with a suede boot body.  The lining is quite thick and the shafts of the boots stay up on their own.  And how cute are those tassels?  I found them on clearance, so they were quite a bit off from what they originally were.  I snatched them up and resigned myself to no more purchases until my birthday in April.

But then.  Then there was…


Ralph Lauren black wool coat with faux-fur collar:  PRICE ON TAG: $9.99 / PAID: $9.00 / RETAIL: ~$130

It’s always Goodwill, isn’t it?  I should have seen it coming.  Well, I guess I kind of did.  When I found this jacket, though, uggghhhh.  I knew it was a great steal.  I KNEW IT.  I put it back the first time I saw it and tried to stay strong.  That didn’t work.  It was Ralph freakin’ Lauren!  Hi, my name is Erin and I am a label snob.  (Hi, Erin.)  If I kept going with my budget plans, this would have thrown me into no purchases until May.  May.  And it was January.  No bueno.  So I decided to give it up.  I wanted that jacket.  Yes, it’s gluttony.  I fully admit my problem.  But the fur collar sold me.  It’s in pristine condition and looks so great on.  Sold and sold.  Sorry, budget plans.  Check you later.

So thus my budget died.  Oh well.  It just makes way for a more interesting closet and some excellent hauls!  You know you love it more now that I could spend more… you know it.

Sightful Sunday: Are You Seeing the Pattern?

With my week of vacation coming to a close, I have been here, there, and everywhere this week… and I feel like I need another vacation from my vacation.  Doesn’t everyone feel that way, though, after a week filled with activity?  I’m starting to think that’s the pattern our bosses intend to keep us on, just a little taste of getting everything done we need to get done and then BAM!  Welcome back to work.  Oh well, I’m beginning to miss my students anyway.  They’re just too funny!

To welcome myself back to school, I think I’ll break up the monotony with a little pattern.  Color is great, but what about a little change in motif?


Break free of the pattern, people!  Have a great week!