Fall Wish List

School starts in just under a week, and I. AM. PUMPED.  I’m serious!  I am very excited to meet my new students, and I am in pretty in love with my new school so far.  I kind of think my new vice principal wants to be best friends for life (in a completely platonic way).

Going back to school wouldn’t be complete without a little perusing of the fall fashions, and there are a few pieces I would love to get my hands on:

1.  Thick black leggings/jeggings


My post on not understanding leggings as pants is one of my post popular posts (you all need to lay off looking for photos of people’s bums through see-through leggings…), but this is different.  I have a problem with thin leggings as pants.  Thick ones, as long as you can rock them with confidence, are fine with me.  Really.  I want a pair that I am not afraid to show my bum in, so they have to be thick material.  Anyone have any good places to look?

2.  Black riding boots


I am in shoe love with riding boots.  My brown ones were definitely worn a LOT last year, and I would love to expand my boot collection with a pair of black or gray boots.

3.  Fall dresses


Pinterest does two things to me:  makes me hungry and makes me wish I could shop without money being an issue.  I see all of these beautiful fall dresses that inspire me, and I want them all!  Just look at how scrumptious these dresses are.  Don’t you want them, too?  No?  Well, you could always buy them for me then.  Just a thought.

4.  Chambray shirt


This trend totally got me today.  During my district new teacher orientation, one of the special education directors was wearing a gorgeous tailored chambray shirt.  I was sold.  Please find me one, oh fashion gods.  For next to nothing, if you could.

If only we didn’t need to budget so much and save money… Maybe I’ll find some this weekend when B and I hit the thrift stores in the Boston area this weekend!

What are you loving this fall?


Uh… What? : Tights as Pants

Dude, your butt is showing.

How many of us really want to hear that when we walk down the hall in the office building?  Pretty much no one.  We all have dreams about showing up somewhere in public naked, and it never ends well.  So why are we as a fashion society encouraging people to move towards that nightmare?

Working in a high school, I see a lot of trial fashion.  I love that students feel free to try out different trends, patterns, colors, and shoe heights.  I do not, however, love it when ladies waltz into my room not wearing any pants.  Uh, sweetheart, you forgot half of your outfit.  How about something to cover your bum?  I’m not sure when it caught on as the cool thing to do to only wear tights as pants, but I think someone was way off base when they decided to start that trend.


Essentially, it all started with leggings.  I can remember being in grad school in Providence, watching the undergrads walk around with leggings, Uggs, and see-through blouses.  Bestie Al and I would just shake our heads.  How did these girls not know how to get dressed properly with all of the money most of their families had?  It didn’t make sense.  But then it caught on.  It spread like a disease, robbing young ladies of their butt-covering pants and appropriate length skirts and leaving them with skin-tight translucent film over their legs that leaves unsightly underwear lines.  It’s an epidemic, I tell you!


Why, Christina, why?!

From all of the fashion blogs I’ve read and YouTube videos I have watched, it seems like it has progressed from wearing leggings as pants to wearing just tights.  There does seem to be a rule, though, that it’s okay as long as part of your butt is covered by a big sweater or shirt.  If I had tried to walk out of the house wearing something like that when I was in high school, my parents wouldn’t have let me go anywhere.  I would have been missing half of an outfit!  You wouldn’t wear just a long sweater that only covered half of your bottom without tights, would you?  Then what makes wearing it with see-through tights any different?  It’s just a thin layer of fabric, people, not the coverage you seem to think it is!  It doesn’t give extra warmth, coverage, or modesty; it’s just a sad attempt at trying to pass the school dress code.

Also, if you are self-conscious about your body shape, why would you want to highlight some of your problem areas?  Leggings under a dress or skirt is great.  They add some coverage, some layering for added warmth, and they can shape any leg imperfections you think you have.  Take that dress or skirt away, though, and you are just left with a giant panty line and some highlighting of the thigh jiggles.  The only way to get rid of those underwear problems is just to get rid of the underwear, which is not something I want to know about anyway.  As for the jiggling, trust me, I know.  I’ve looked at what my booty looks like when I just wear leggings around the house.  Yes, it may sound hypocritical to say that I am guilty of wearing leggings around the house, but it’s my house, not the public.  B already married me, he knows what my body looks like, and if my booty shakes a little while I vacuum, too bad.  He’s stuck with it for the rest of his life.

So please, people, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Leggings (unless fully lined and opaque) and tights do not qualify as pants.  Please put something else on over them.  Clothing is your friend!  And friends don’t let friends leave the house without pants.