Fall Wish List

School starts in just under a week, and I. AM. PUMPED.  I’m serious!  I am very excited to meet my new students, and I am in pretty in love with my new school so far.  I kind of think my new vice principal wants to be best friends for life (in a completely platonic way).

Going back to school wouldn’t be complete without a little perusing of the fall fashions, and there are a few pieces I would love to get my hands on:

1.  Thick black leggings/jeggings


My post on not understanding leggings as pants is one of my post popular posts (you all need to lay off looking for photos of people’s bums through see-through leggings…), but this is different.  I have a problem with thin leggings as pants.  Thick ones, as long as you can rock them with confidence, are fine with me.  Really.  I want a pair that I am not afraid to show my bum in, so they have to be thick material.  Anyone have any good places to look?

2.  Black riding boots


I am in shoe love with riding boots.  My brown ones were definitely worn a LOT last year, and I would love to expand my boot collection with a pair of black or gray boots.

3.  Fall dresses


Pinterest does two things to me:  makes me hungry and makes me wish I could shop without money being an issue.  I see all of these beautiful fall dresses that inspire me, and I want them all!  Just look at how scrumptious these dresses are.  Don’t you want them, too?  No?  Well, you could always buy them for me then.  Just a thought.

4.  Chambray shirt


This trend totally got me today.  During my district new teacher orientation, one of the special education directors was wearing a gorgeous tailored chambray shirt.  I was sold.  Please find me one, oh fashion gods.  For next to nothing, if you could.

If only we didn’t need to budget so much and save money… Maybe I’ll find some this weekend when B and I hit the thrift stores in the Boston area this weekend!

What are you loving this fall?


Sightful Sunday: Everything’s Coming Up Flowers

Whoa!  Where did that whole time change come from?  I’ve been working with very little sleep this week, thanks to my drama club’s competition, so I just wanted to sleep in this morning.  By the time I woke up, it was already “10:45 AM.”  Ugh, time change… why do you have to be like that?

Either way, we have had a couple of days of spring temperatures this week, so I wanted to celebrate that with a post on the quintessential spring print:  flowers!  Who can resist a great floral print?


Or, if you don’t really want to wear flowers on your clothing, you could always rock it on your nails!


Hopefully this will make you so much more excited for spring!

Have a great week, everyone!

Sightful Sunday: Are You Seeing the Pattern?

With my week of vacation coming to a close, I have been here, there, and everywhere this week… and I feel like I need another vacation from my vacation.  Doesn’t everyone feel that way, though, after a week filled with activity?  I’m starting to think that’s the pattern our bosses intend to keep us on, just a little taste of getting everything done we need to get done and then BAM!  Welcome back to work.  Oh well, I’m beginning to miss my students anyway.  They’re just too funny!

To welcome myself back to school, I think I’ll break up the monotony with a little pattern.  Color is great, but what about a little change in motif?


Break free of the pattern, people!  Have a great week!

Lovey Love Love in a Dress

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely readers!  Even if you’re single, this is a great day to (A) score some chocolate, (B) show your friends some love, and (C) fall in love with girly accessories and clothing in sparkles and ruffles!  Is there anything more romantic than soft colors, tulle, and glitter?  While we can’t all wear such fluffy clothing on a day-to-day basis (okay, or ever…), it’s nice to play in the world of girly fantasy, no?


Oh, and B?  You can take me on a date that needs one of these dresses ANYTIME.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!  Lots of love and chocolate! ❤

Black, White, and Red Carpet All Over

The Golden Globe Awards last night always make quite a splash with the award winners, the award snubs, and, of course, the fashion.  I’m sure that the Today Show will be featuring how to get the knock-offs for the next few days, and everyone will have his or her say about who looked hot and who should have stayed home.  While I won’t go as far as saying who I didn’t necessarily agree with (but seriously, I didn’t quite understand Angelina Jolie’s dress… it kind of looked like a “Oooh, Brad’s taking me to the prom!”), I will show you some of the awesome dresses I would have been happy enough to wear.

Trends that struck me in the dresses I loved were the incredible texture coming off from the dresses, the muted colors that almost always jived with the actress/wife/daughter’s skin tone, and the intricate detail.  Also, everything seemed sparkly.  You have to love the sparkles.

So take a look.  Who do you like?  There are, of course, hundreds of other photos for perusing.  Go take a look and come tell me who you like and who confused you.  Let’s compare!