Who Runs the World?

Apparently I do.  Or, at least that’s my plan for parts of it.  Ever since last year’s “Oh, I should run a 5k before I turn 30” stroke of genius, I have really begun to like running.  Love it, in fact.  I have even started calling myself a runner.  I have a subscription to a running magazine.  Who am I?

I was perfectly content with sticking with 5ks and 10ks as challenges, but then I discovered a little nugget:  The Disney Princess Half Marathon.  It encompasses many things I love:  Disney, theme parks, castles, princesses, running, and goal setting.  It’s a half marathon run through and between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World (that’s the one in Florida, for those of you who mix it up like I used to), and you get to RUN THROUGH THE CASTLE!  YES!  Now, clearly this is going to be a challenge.  A half MARATHON?  Good Lord, what is going through my head?  I just mastered the 3.1 mile run, so why not add on another 10?  Sounds like a solid plan!  Oh my gosh.

Now, I have a few secret weapons in my back pocket, the first being B’s Aunt M.  Aunt M has run this race before, and she was supposed to this year before she ended up injuring her ankle.  I texted her after hearing about the race, and she got back to me immediately, writing nothing but encouragement and “Yes!  Doooo iiiittttt!”  (She, of course, is much too classy to use so many extended letters, but that’s what it sounded like in my head, so I took liberties to translate it for all of you.)  Unknowingly, I was then signing on for doing it (I was still in the decision process), and promptly received a “Let the training begin!” package in the mail, filled with a princess crown sparkly tattoo and a running magazine.  Aunt M then excitedly told everyone we knew that we were going to run the race together – including my parents, who didn’t have a clue that I was even thinking about running a half.  Have I mentioned how adorable Aunt M is with her excitement?  Love her!  Her encouragement has really helped with my confidence about being able to training and get through it.  If she thinks I can, why can’t I think I can?

I also am the most ridiculously stubborn person I know, aside from my immediate family members (hey, I have to get it from somewhere… and this is all genetic).  When I set a goal in my head, I have to do it.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  This has actually caused a few issues (more posting on that later), but I jumped onto the training wagon with fervor.  I have had to take some downtime for the past two weeks, and it has killed me.  I have dreamed about running.  I have daydreamed about running.  I have tried it when I possibly shouldn’t have.  (Hint – I have a doctor’s appointment set up for the coming week… you do the math.)  I am going to do this.  I must.  I set the goal, and it WILL happen.  I’m scheduled to do my first 10k on the Best Coast during the summer, so I am stepping up my distance in races as the half gets closer.

So as I go along on my training regiment, I’ll share my experiences with you.  First up, what it is like to deal with Runner’s Knee.  I’ll tell you what, it’s not fun.  It downright sucks.  Just ask B.  No, he doesn’t have it, but he has a noisy wife who has it, and he has suffered plenty through all of my caterwauling.

Do you like to run?  Any tips for a new one?


Thoughts from the Displaced

We moved in on Sunday, and it’s already Friday.  Where did that go?  I feel like that has been the question of the week, and I’m not talking about the time.  Living out of boxes is totally not my thing.  Observations and knowing where my junk is is more my speed.

My observations on moving and living in a new state from the past five days:

1.  Hearing your father-in-law call your dad a “beast” in a torrential downpour while moving giant furniture is hilarious.

2.  Giant furniture, and the moving thereof, sucks.  These pieces lead to giant bruises.

3.  These giant bruises will surface when you want them the least, like, oh, the day you have an interview to become a coach at your new school district.  No, sir, I wasn’t beaten recently; I just had a run-in with a lot of furniture that needed to go up and down four flights of stairs.

4.  I have the greatest college friends ever!  Carolyn and Aaron got up relatively early in the morning and loaded a ton of our stuff into the parking lot for the “boys” to pack into the moving truck.  If that isn’t impressive enough, it was about 85 degrees out with 70% humidity on Sunday.  We were all drenched in our own sweat.  Gross.  We owe them big time when they move into their new house (which is hopefully soon!).

5.  Remember our neighbor who used to live below us in Maine who constantly coughed and I thought she was going to pass out each time?  Yeah, she’s been replaced by a constantly ringing phone next door.  Who gets that many phone calls during the day?  I think they are running a mail-order bride business.  Also, who still have everyone call their home phones?  Oh.  Right.  My parents who don’t have cell phones.

6.  Whoever designed the lighting in our apartment was on crack.  There are three light switches to the front hallway light.  This light is just for a five-foot hallway.  That’s it.  And there are three light switches.  The bathroom’s light switch is in this five-foot hallway.  Not in the bathroom, oh no!  That would make too much sense!  It’s not like there isn’t space on the wall for it.  There is.  Lots.  The light in the kitchen is also all the way on the other side of this skinny little kitchen, no where near where you think it should be.  Plain and simple – the electrician was on crack.

7.  Why does everyone in Massachusetts have to drive like they are in labor and about to give birth?  Sure, I like to get where I am going too, but I have no urge to get to the grocery store ten miles away in 60 seconds flat.  Also, honking makes few situations better.

8.  The grocery store carries something called “New Age Beverages.”  Um… what the hell is that?

9.  Massachusetts has the FREAKIEST tree frogs.  They sound like they have little sinister laughs.  Nightmares are made of these.

10.  It only seems to rain here when you want to move something, be it all of your apartment goods, groceries, or the bajillion boxes you now have clogging up your five-foot hallway with three light switches.  Where was the rain on the days I was sweating my butt off?

11.  There is a reason people pay a crap ton of money for water from Maine.  I have now discovered why.  When your husband tells you that your new water, even after being run through a water filter, has a different “tang,” prepare for your body to reject it and become best friends with the bathroom.

12.  My in-laws have this weird thing where they like to turn on all of the lights and then just leave them on.  It drives me nuts.  I don’t want to pay to have every light in the house on at the same time, mmkay?  As a side note, I have discovered that I am completely anal retentive about shutting off lights and will only turn them on or use any electricity when absolutely necessary.  You can only see five feet in front of you?  Meh, you’re fine.  No need for lighting.

There are, of course, hundreds of other thoughts bouncing around in my head, like why do 3M velcro strips have to cost so dang much?  And will that stupid phone EVER stop ringing?!  No, sir, Olga isn’t available anymore, but we do have a lovely Marta model if you are interested!  You should also check out Svetlana while she’s available.  Please call back later!

Moving is tough.

Cool Running

Best movie from the 1990s, right?  Okay, definitely one of the best.  Who doesn’t love a Jamaican bobsled team?

To answer your immediate question, no.  I did not join the Jamaican bobsled team.  They told me I was just too see-through in the winter and my accent was off.  Better luck next time.

I did, however, knock another one of my goals off from my 30 Before 30 list.  I ran not one, not two, but THREE races this year, and I frickin’ ran them.  Sure, there were definitely a few moments of walking, but I didn’t do it that much.  Maybe a minute or two here or there, and certainly less than a mile total per race.

The first race was the one that meant the most to me.  I was running it by myself; no one else was buddied up with me, and I wanted it that way.  I do a lot better when I can set my own pace and pick out people in the crowd of runners to beat.  You in the pink hat?  I don’t like the way your ponytail is swinging.  I’m going to beat you now.  Dear dude ahead of me, you kind of smell from back here.  Peace out.  It was even worse when I knew the guy who stunk during the third race… side note:  I was related to him.

The race started bright and early on a relatively cool June morning.  It was the morning my seniors would be graduating from high school.  It was an emotionally loaded day.  B made me some toast and peanut butter, put together with a side of aspirin to help control the feeling created in my throat when I run.  (I have been told this may be part of asthma, maybe not.  Super helpful, doctor people…).  I put on my new running shoes and jumped in the car for the short drive to the registration area.

I wore a t-shirt I made with my colleagues for Winter Carnival two years ago.  It was the first t-shirt I had with my married name on the back.  This would be the first time I got to achieve a running goal with my married name.  It sounded like a good combination.  And, of course, I had to wear my pink running shorts.  Who doesn’t want to run in those.

My mom and dad came to cheer me on with B.  My mom wonders where some of my cousins and I got the running motivation because no one in her set of siblings runs.  I haven’t the foggiest.  We just have goals, and some of them involve running.

When the race started, I wanted to make sure that I paced myself to run most of it.  There were little kids running the race in bare feet.  This race took place through the downtown areas of TWO CITIES.  Note to self:  When I have kids, they will not run races in cities with bare feet.  No.  The first song on my iPod to randomly play was Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.”  Thanks for the pep talk, Kelly.  Much appreciated!  I didn’t end up walking until a little after the second mile marker.  Not too shabby.

The end was a little rough, but as I rounded the last corner and ran along the river portion of the course, my iPod decided to have a sense of humor again.  Anyone remember this somewhat inappropriate song?

How did my mom let me listen to this when I was 14?  Questionable.  Very questionable.  Either way, it came on for the “liquid” part of my race finish.  I kicked it into gear for the rest of the race, and ended up coming in with a time that surprised me.  29:48.  I was under a half an hour!  Sweet!  Oh, and yes, I will take some water now, thanks.After getting the first one in, I wanted to see just how well I could run the Four on the Fourth (a race in our hometown on the fourth of July).  I told B we would be running the first mile, and then we would only separate at the two mile marker.  Well… once I started running the first mile, I was gone.  Sorry, hunny.  I walked a good portion of second mile to wait for him, but he never showed up.  So I ran.  And walked a little.  And ran some more.

And guess what?  For the first time, I beat B.  By three minutes.  Do you know how long three minutes is?  When it’s the first time you beat your husband in a race, it’s a frickin’ long time!  I was pleased.

The third race wasn’t so great only because I didn’t pace myself correctly and blew it.  Womp womp.  But I finished, and I am still glad I ran it.  You can’t beat your time every single time, right?

Running is turning into something nice for me, and I can proudly say that I have proven my high school field hockey coach wrong.  Oh so wrong.  She said the last day of field hockey practice my senior year would be my last day holding a stick.  She also said that I just wasn’t cut out to run.  You know what?  Now that I am 26, I can confidently say, “Suck it.  You have no idea what you are talking about.”  Happy early early early early 30th birthday to me!

One Week to 26

My twenty-sixth birthday is officially in one week.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

If you cannot tell, I love birthdays.  LOVE them.  I don’t care how old I am getting, they are fun to celebrate, hang out with friends and family, and eat some delicious dessert.  Seriously, it’s just a number.  I certainly don’t look like I’m turning 26 (thanks for making me realize that one again, little seventh grader the other day who told me I wasn’t old enough to even think about being married), so there is no way I have to act like it… outside of work.

Last year, I started a goal list of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30.  I have been crossing them off as I achieve them, and I have to say, I think I am doing pretty well.

Here is what I have so far and what I have already accomplished in the past year:

1.  Go to Europe at least once.

2.  Take a photography class.

3.  Reread all of the Harry Potter books again.  – In progress with my literacy class

4.  Learn enough Spanish to have a conversation.

5.  Feel comfortable in my own skin (which means working hard to tone everything up).

6.  Pay off most of my student loans (have no more than $5000 left).  (DONE! 9/21/11)

7.  Get a pet (cat or dog, but it has to be at a time when we feel like we aren’t cheating on our pets who live with our parents).

8.  Have someone buy a piece of my photography. (Christmas photo shoot, 12/18/11)

9.  Enter a cooking or baking competition.

10.  Start another Master’s degree.

11.  Take a cooking class (preferably with B).

12.  Move to another state (and live to tell the tale).

13.  See the Eiffel Tower in person.

14.  Live in a house/apartment where I can paint the walls (we’ll see if this happens).

15.  Run (and actually run) a 5k or the Four of the Fourth (a local race B and I do every year) – I will be on June 1!

16.  Be someone’s role model.

17.  Be in another one of my friends’ weddings. (Bestie C’s Wedding 8/19/11, but I wouldn’t mind more!)

18.  Take someone’s wedding-related pictures (and kick butt at it). (Friend K’s boudoir shoot, 4/12)

19.  Sew a piece of clothing for myself.  (Envelope clutch, achieved 4/18/12)

20.  See a volcano.  (Achieved 7/11)

21.  Learn to do a dive.

22.  Try a type of ethnic food I have never had before (like Ethiopian). (Middle Eastern, achieved 4/19/12)

23.  Cook a turkey (correctly!)

24.  Celebrate our five year anniversary with our family and friends.

25.  Confidently wear a bikini.

26.  Start seriously thinking about having some little chicklettes.

27. Grow my hair out and donate it to Beautiful Lengths at least one more time. – In progress, with even more meaning now that I have found out that my favorite mentor teacher from grad school is suffering from cancer.

28.  Apply to be on “Amazing Race” with B. (Application submitted 10/17/11!)

29.  Go to Cape Cod.

30.  Donate blood once a year. (I’m trying, but of all three times I have tried, I have failed.)  – Okay, this one is a total dud.  I have tried three times, and each time, ALL of the nurses have tried and failed to get my veins.  I turned into a human pin cushion.  So I am changing this goal to read at least twelve books before turning 30.  There are no needles involved in that one.

There are a couple more that are close to being done, but I don’t quite want to talk about them yet.  No, it’s not the baby one.  Sorry Moms.

What do you want to do before you turn the next “big” age?  Should I add anything to my list?

Run It!

It’s vacation week!  Finally!  For those of you who think teachers get too many vacations, please go find the closest door, open it, put your hand next to the door frame, and then shut the door on your hand.  That’s how I feel when you make fun of a profession you have never tried but feel that you have the right to say your piece.  Please.  Not even you deal with your kids all day when there is a full moon.  And let’s remember, they are very different kids when they are away from you and around their peers, for better or for… not better.

But I’m not here to write about my kids (whom I really do love and were not the reason I was so ready for a vacation).  I have been noticing that with all of the running around I am doing (more like driving) and with my current stress levels, my time for working out has decreased, which in turn has led to the scale’s increase.  Soooo not good.  Add to that all of the Easter candy our parents gave to us a couple weekends again, and you can tell that I haven’t been feeling super confident with my body image. 


Yes, I blame you, Mr. Googly Eyes!  Now come here so I can nibble on your ear…

I promised myself that I would step it up during vacation, and I have been pretty excited by the progress I have made in the past couple of days.  True, there is no way that I would see an improvement on the scale, but I am more focused on feeling better about my physical fitness first.  I decided to go back to what seemed to work for me last year at the beginning of the summer:  going to the track.  I set a distance I want to go (typically around four miles), I turn on my iPod, and I go.  As it turns out, “going” is a lot easier these days.

I have never been a runner.  I have never pretended to be.  My own mom has often told me that watching me run looks painful (thanks, Mom!).  I have a problem with one of my hips, and one of my legs is a little shorter than the other, so I kind of “limp” when I run even if I’m not in pain.  I also have asthma, which is tons of fun, and not a runner’s build by any stretch of the imagination.  But that hasn’t stopped me.  I am determined to RUN a 5k, and I started my training this week.

I started with just seeing how far I could run before I had to stop and wheeze.  My muscles are often ready for more, but my lungs say otherwise.  I paced myself and ran a full mile before I had to let myself breathe.  Sweet!  A full mile!  I walked the rest of the four miles.  The second time I went back, I decided to push it even more.  I ran 1.5 miles before stopping, walked a mile, and then ran another 0.625 miles.  That is the most I have run by myself… probably ever.  I’m getting there!

I’m really proud of my progress, and I cannot wait to go back to the track today.  Anyone have any running tips for beginners?  I know a lot of people swear by the Couch to 5K program, but my iPod is too “old” to use the program.  Have you started any new workouts lately?

What’s Up Wife? Wednesday: Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Happy Leap Day!  I think Leap Day is the coolest thing, so humor my enthusiasm if you think it’s just another day to go to work.  Happy birthday to anyone who only really gets to celebrate once every four years!

Again, I thought I would link up to the “Listable Life” to share little bits and pieces of me.  Why not share your own with us, too?  Link up below if you do!

Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

1.  Going to a state college will not mean that you are dumb or not as great as anyone else.  You are just getting sucked into the whole “oooh, I have to go to a name brand school.”  Ignore that and feel confident in the school you choose.  There will be plenty of time to make your dream of going to an Ivy League school later in life.  And trust me, when you get there, the best part will be the people you meet, not the school or its name.

2.  It’s okay to be smart.  Really, it’s better than being pretty.  You can always be smart, but looks will only get you so far.  Keep reading, guard the page number you are on whenever you ride the bus to school, and do your homework.  You’ll achieve a lot more in life than those who are only obsessed with their looks.  And yes, all of those grammar exercises will help and will make you a better person.  Trust me.

3.  Be nice to that boy over there crying in seventh grade English class.  He’s weird, he cries over seemingly everything, and it may seem like a good idea to give him a hard time because that boy you like thinks it’s funny, but it’s a way better idea to be nice.  Want to know why?  Well, brace yourself… you marry that kid.  You love him and eventually want to have babies with him (but that won’t come for quite a while… I’m still waiting on that wanting babies thing…).  Be nice to people; it makes you a better person.  Plus, you and he are quite similar, even though you don’t want to admit it.  You’ll love him more than you can imagine one day.  (And yes, he’s still kind of weird.  But it’s okay.)

4.  Remember what I said about being pretty in message #2?  Don’t worry.  Some day you will think that you are pretty, and the man who loves you (see message #3) thinks you’re pretty, too.  Have some confidence, and love yourself a little bit more.  That weight will come off and you will find yourself in there.5.  Get off your butt!  You don’t lose weight by wishing it away.  You would weigh -200 pounds if that were true.  Walk, run, do a workout video, do something!  Oh, and ignore Coach Leland.  The last day of practice for field hockey during your senior year will NOT be your last day holding a stick.  You will love the sport for years to come and you’ll be a pretty enthusiastic coach to some pretty awesome middle school girls.  Being active is beautiful.  Being stinky after is great.  You’ll feel and look so much better if you stop making excuses!

What would you tell yourself?

What’s Up Wife? Wednesdays: Getting to Know You

Some of you who read this blog may have followed me over from my other blogs (Here Comes the Blog {our wedding blog} and Living in Holy Blogimony {my newlywed blog}), but that may not be many of you.  And like I tell my kiddos in the classroom, you are much more likely to like an author if you get to know him/her and his/her work.  Sooo… why not start some posts so you get to know me?  Thanks to Recipe for a Beautiful Life, I found these great prompts for a “Listable Life” from Moments that Define Life.  I know I missed the first few weeks, but you’ll forgive me, right?

10 Things I Would Rather Do Besides Chores (Besides Hang Out with B, My Family, and My Friends)

1. Thrift shop –Well, yeah, you should have seen this one coming.  I love love love thrift shopping, even if I am only stuck with two stores in my area.  I love the hunt.  It’s such a thrill when I find something that looks almost brand new in a name brand label that fits well.  I also love finding pieces that are unique but wearable, pieces that will make me stand out in a good way when I walk around at school or when we go out.  Isn’t feeling special the point of putting together outfits?

2. Read – I am a total bookworm, which is great because I can get away with reading a lot with my job.  I go through books like water, and B and I are serious when we say that our future house has to have a library.  We don’t have anymore room in our apartment for more bookcases!  Reading has always been my escape from life.  I teach a class specifically on Literacy for high school freshmen, and part of our curriculum is reading silently for 30 minutes.  When I don’t have a stack of papers to correct for other classes, I get to enjoy 30 minutes of personal reading.  Score!  My favorite genres are mystery, young adult, and realistic fiction.  I got a ton of books from B for Christmas, and I am working my way through those.  Right now I’m on The Help, which will be followed by The Geeks will Inherit the Earth, Ship Breaker, and Ash

3. Watch YouTube videos – This has been a development over the past year, and I have quite a few people I love watching on YouTube.  I’m a big fan of putting on YouTube videos as I paint my nails, do the dishes, cook, etc.  Sometimes I just play them to listen, not even watch.  Some of my favorite YouTubers are Aleexandraaxo, PhillyDiva19145 (great haul videos!), MsPinkFabulous (she does some amazing thrifting), j1mmyb0bba (great for style tips and great accent!), and Panacea81 (Lauren does fantastic makeup tutorials, and she is hilarious!).

4. Workout – Sometimes it takes a lot of motivation, but I really do like working out.  Feeling good about myself, the endorphins, and just getting a good sweat going make my day.  I tend to do at least three days of elliptical/Stairmaster workouts at school each week and the rest are either “Ripped in 30,” “30 Day Shred,” or “Six Week Six Pack.”  Every once in a while I’ll let myself wimp out and do a Windsor Pilates DVD.  Oh, and I run races in the summer.5. Hike – B and I love hiking in the summer.  We will take off on weekends (or days when B is off) and go hike some of the local mountains around us.  If we move away from Maine, I hope there are still mountains and trails around us that we can enjoy. 6. Play with my cats – True story: My students think I have 19 cats that I come home and snuggle with all in a XXXXL t-shirt.  Apparently we all like to watch “16 and Pregnant” together.  How cozy!  While I don’t have 19 cats, I do love the two I have.  Unfortunately, they live with my parents and I miss them like crazy.  My cat’s name is Italics, and my sister’s cat’s name is Abercrombie.  She really wanted me to name my cat Fitch, but I thought I would say it wrong too many time for the cat’s self esteem.  Plus, their names fit.  I’m a writer and she’s a shopper.  Both of them were adopted from a local animal shelter as kittens.  I didn’t pick Italics; he picked me.  He fell asleep in my arms when I held him in the shelter, and it was love from then on.  Italics likes to harass B for my attention.  Abbers loves to be pampered and loves loves loves to be brushed.  You would never guess he was a feral kitty.  I love my cats!7. Plan vacations – Planning our engagement trip (which was the only spring break we ended up taking) to Williamsburg, Virginia, was my first taste of planning vacations, and I loved it.  Planning our honeymoon to Italy and Ireland was a bit more stressful since I didn’t know that it’s not called “roundtrip” in Europe.  Huh.  Okay.  Right now, I am lusting over our future trip to Paris, the possibility of traveling around the U.S., and visiting Bestie Al again on the west coast.  So much fun!8. Photography – With my photography business, it should be pretty clear that photography is a passion of mine.  I could wander around and take pictures all day and be one happy camper.  It is so much fun to look at the world through the lens of a camera.  9. Craft – I have been known to craft for days upon days when I get going on a project.  I craft when I’m happy, I craft when I am excited, I craft when I am inspired, and I craft when I’m sad.  When I lost one of my students, I crafted for the rest of the weekend.  It’s cathartic.  It’s inspiring.  It’s creative.  Projects keep coming in, and I keep coming up with new ideas.10. Ski – My parents taught me to ski when I was five.  I was blessed enough to grow up in an area with a small-ish ski mountain that was relatively affordable (at the time).  Not only has it taught me how to be active in the winter, but it gave me a hobby to keep me busy and happy during the colder months.  I tried teaching one of my friends last month, and it only reminded me how lucky I was to grow up being able to practice when my muscles and brain could get it a lot faster.  I cannot wait to go again in March!

I really like being able to describe myself in a list form, so look for more of these lists on Wednesdays!  Link up to share more about you!

Workout Wednesdays: What’s Going On Under There

Workouts have become a staple in my weekly routine, and I have to admit, they make getting dress a lot more fun in the morning.  If I feel like I’m working on looking good, I feel better about how I look.  It’s one of those happy cycles I’m not in a hurry to break.  (Except for the occasional “I need chocolate and lots of it!” days, because you know those happen!)

I’ve covered some of the great finds I have found with workout gear, but on Twitter recently, one of the Twitter accounts I began (and recently stopped) following was talking about how hard it is to find a sports bra that does the job.  Sister, sing it!  I know that feeling all too well.  I have gone through countless sports bras since middle school sports, trying to find something that would support, strap down, and otherwise render motionless.  Unfortunately, with a chestial region like mine, there is no such thing.  Seriously.  There isn’t.  There is, however, a way to make things a little more comfortable as you run up that hill.

PROBLEM:  The Bounce – Bustier women need more support in their bras.  That’s a no-brainer.  They also need to use sports bras that are rated for higher levels of activity to counterbalance any sort of bouncing.  That’s not always so well known.  I have always been mortified with any type of bouncing going on, and the right activity level can help out tremendously. 


The bra above is a good example of what to look for.  It should have full coverage and be rated for an intense workout.  Smaller-chested ladies have the luxury of being able to shop for different levels of activity; those of us who have been “overly blessed” (yeah, right) do not.  My rule?  If you can find a great sports bra with full coverage and it’s rated for high intensity, make it your primary type.  Light intensity is just like putting on a regular bra.  What’s the point in that?

The fabric also plays a huge role.  If you are just skimming through this, no matter what size you are, listen to this piece:  COTTON SPORTS BRAS WILL NOT WORK.  Cotton is super comfortable, yes, but it does not hold up well.  It may work for a few uses, but after a while, it will lose shape and will not wick away any sweat.  Your ladies will just be bouncing in two puddles of their own.  Gross.  Go for a sports bra that is made out of lyrca or nylon because they are known to wick away sweat better.  They also keep their shape and maintain it longer.  Also, please don’t put your sports bras in the dryer!  Bad news bears!  The elastic will get crunchy and lose its elasticity.  The fabric will start to shrink (that’s never good) and won’t have as much support.

PROBLEM:  The Uniboob – Ugh, uniboobs.  So embarrassing.  There is a simple way to combat it, though.  Meet your new best boob friend, the racerback bra:


You can get it lined, unlined, whatever, though I wouldn’t go for a fancy one like the picture above.  Plain is good for this.  Find one that has a little underwire to it because that will keep the ladies separate.  If you use one of these under the high intensity sports bra, you are good to go.  I live in this combination at the gym.  I wouldn’t work out any other way.  My racerback is an older one I got from Victoria’s Secret, but any will work.  Give it a shot!

PROBLEM:  Not Fashnionable – I’ll tell you what.  Sports bras weren’t meant to be tops.  Sorry, but they were just meant to be sports bras.  That’s it.  However, if you have the body to rock one as a top or if you want to have a little color popping through, find a sports bra is a fun color to liven up the outfit!  You could even get in on the neon trend with your workout gear!


What problems do you have with workout gear?  Any tricks for working out that you have found?