The Wife

I am your basic mid-twenties wife:  getting started in a career, learning the ropes of being married, just starting out, and trying to look good while holding it all together.  It’s what every girl wants, right?  Right.  I teach high school English by day and dream of putting together chic outfits by night.  Well, I do put together outfits by night since I have to plan everything out for the next morning, but you get my point.  In this crazy world, I am trying to teach myself the art of getting dressed, not just put on clothes, but actually dressed.

It has taken me 25 years to pick up the scent on the fashion trail, and now that I have figured out some clues, I want to share it with the world.  From the awful finds to the one-of-a-kinds, I will be showing all of my scores from my obsession with thrifting and Goodwill, my trials and tribulations of being a busty woman in a world that seems obsessed with androgyny, and my successes when an outfit comes together the way I want it to.

As I share my clothes, I hope you’ll share with me too.  Who are you?  What do you see in clothes?  And maybe, just maybe, someone can finally explain to me what the difference between an ascot and just a short scarf is.  Anyone?  Anyone?


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2 thoughts on “The Wife

  1. Dear WoM,

    I teach in a high school in Oregon (where hipsters are from) where Toms are the rage. I’ve always made fun of the original shoes, mostly because I think they look weird. Last year, Toms came out with the wedge. I liked the wedge, but felt that I wouldn’t have enough good weather to get good use out of them, especially given how much they cost. Now that I’m surrounded by students and (gasp!) teachers who wear the shoes, they’re growing on me. To top off the situation, Toms just came out with a cute (albeit overpriced) flat. What are your thoughts on the Toms fad and have you come across any low-budget alternatives?

    Wondering on the West Coast

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