New Plan

New plan, gang!  Oh, yes, hi there.  I suppose it’s been a while… I’ve just been, um, napping. Seriously, though, new plan!  Before I weigh you down with tales from the terrible training episodes I been through with running (you can put your kids to sleep with those in later entries), I thought I would give you a little running update.  Because I still am running, no matter how funny my body thinks it is to send me to a doctor who may or may not believe that I make up my injuries.

The plan all along as been for me to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February.  With nine days to go until the sign up date, I am PUMPED.  runDisney also released information on a new experience they are offering during the half marathon weekend this year.  In addition to doing the half on Sunday, runners can now sign up for the Glass Slipper Challenge, running a 10k on Saturday morning and then the half marathon on Sunday morning.  You get to run both races through Epcot (10k) and Epcot/Magic Kingdom (half marathon), three t-shirts, AND three medals!  All for the low, low price of $270 and your first born child.  Don’t worry Disney; if it’s a girl, she’ll be named after a princess.  No promises for boys, though.  Could you work on some better prince names?  I feel like hospital staff would blame medication if I told them to write down “Charming” as a baby name.  Still, it’s better than Hashtag.  Yikes.


I plan on being completely and utterly out of my mind and signing up for the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Go big before going home, right? All of my profits from photography shoots will be going to fund this 19.3 mile endeavor, so we won’t have to pay for it out of our relatively tight budget for the regular life stuff.  I am so excited to sign up; I have been watching different runners’ YouTube videos of running the half marathon the last couple years on a loop.  I’m pretty sure B is about to go out of his mind.

And if he’s going out of his mind just waiting for me to get to the sign ups, I am going out of my mind with an even newer addition to the running schedule.  After an excited text message discussion with B’s Aunt M (the lady who decided that, yes, I am running the Princess Half in 2014), she mentioned that she planned on following a training schedule that would have her ready to do a half in the fall, which is the exact same plan I am using.  I had talked to B before about being ready to run a half in early September, but he mentioned that it might be a little special to run the first half marathon with Aunt M in Florida.  True, it would be, but what will I do for another five months?  Sticking to 5ks and 10ks for that long seems a little wasteful with all of the training.  And if M is planning on running a half in the fall, why shouldn’t I?  Running through Cinderella’s castle will still be AMAZING, and maybe I won’t be as scared out of my pants if it’s my second half marathon.  Plus, with the added challenge of a 10k the day before, shouldn’t I see if I can do a half marathon first?  Well, it makes sense to me!  Now, in October, I will be running my first half marathon here in Massachusetts.  It will allow for my friends and family to come cheer me on for my first if they want to (something that may please my parents a little more than missing the first in Florida), and I will get some experience under my belt.  I’m on pace to be finished with a couch-to-half training schedule by the end of September (I will have to repeat some weeks during the summer because of travel issues), so October should be perfect.

Next race coming up?  10k in Portland, OR!