Who Runs the World?

Apparently I do.  Or, at least that’s my plan for parts of it.  Ever since last year’s “Oh, I should run a 5k before I turn 30” stroke of genius, I have really begun to like running.  Love it, in fact.  I have even started calling myself a runner.  I have a subscription to a running magazine.  Who am I?

I was perfectly content with sticking with 5ks and 10ks as challenges, but then I discovered a little nugget:  The Disney Princess Half Marathon.  It encompasses many things I love:  Disney, theme parks, castles, princesses, running, and goal setting.  It’s a half marathon run through and between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World (that’s the one in Florida, for those of you who mix it up like I used to), and you get to RUN THROUGH THE CASTLE!  YES!  Now, clearly this is going to be a challenge.  A half MARATHON?  Good Lord, what is going through my head?  I just mastered the 3.1 mile run, so why not add on another 10?  Sounds like a solid plan!  Oh my gosh.

Now, I have a few secret weapons in my back pocket, the first being B’s Aunt M.  Aunt M has run this race before, and she was supposed to this year before she ended up injuring her ankle.  I texted her after hearing about the race, and she got back to me immediately, writing nothing but encouragement and “Yes!  Doooo iiiittttt!”  (She, of course, is much too classy to use so many extended letters, but that’s what it sounded like in my head, so I took liberties to translate it for all of you.)  Unknowingly, I was then signing on for doing it (I was still in the decision process), and promptly received a “Let the training begin!” package in the mail, filled with a princess crown sparkly tattoo and a running magazine.  Aunt M then excitedly told everyone we knew that we were going to run the race together – including my parents, who didn’t have a clue that I was even thinking about running a half.  Have I mentioned how adorable Aunt M is with her excitement?  Love her!  Her encouragement has really helped with my confidence about being able to training and get through it.  If she thinks I can, why can’t I think I can?

I also am the most ridiculously stubborn person I know, aside from my immediate family members (hey, I have to get it from somewhere… and this is all genetic).  When I set a goal in my head, I have to do it.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  This has actually caused a few issues (more posting on that later), but I jumped onto the training wagon with fervor.  I have had to take some downtime for the past two weeks, and it has killed me.  I have dreamed about running.  I have daydreamed about running.  I have tried it when I possibly shouldn’t have.  (Hint – I have a doctor’s appointment set up for the coming week… you do the math.)  I am going to do this.  I must.  I set the goal, and it WILL happen.  I’m scheduled to do my first 10k on the Best Coast during the summer, so I am stepping up my distance in races as the half gets closer.

So as I go along on my training regiment, I’ll share my experiences with you.  First up, what it is like to deal with Runner’s Knee.  I’ll tell you what, it’s not fun.  It downright sucks.  Just ask B.  No, he doesn’t have it, but he has a noisy wife who has it, and he has suffered plenty through all of my caterwauling.

Do you like to run?  Any tips for a new one?

And We’re Done With That!

After what felt like weeks and weeks of having my graduate class dragged out because of snow storms and instructor illness (oh wait, it WAS weeks and weeks!), I am finally finally FINALLY done with my second go-around with my graduate course that I started in September.  We were supposed to finish up the second week back from Christmas break, but everything just kept getting in the way.  Three weeks later, eight of the thirteen classmates showed up, did the (what we thought were) required presentations, and said thank you.  To be polite, of course.  Because really, no matter what, you should thank a teacher in some way, shape, or form.  Go ahead, go find a teacher.  I’ll wait.  It’s worth it.

Now that I’m done with that, I was thinking I would have all of this extra time floating around to get more writing in.  Apparently, I should have gone into comedy.  With the standardized tests coming up in March, new teacher goal-setting requirements, and physical training for weight loss and the half-marathon, I have barely had time to keep up with grading, planning, and breathing a few moments with my brainiac husband.  Super proud wife, btdubs!  He got a 4.0 for his first semester in his doctoral program!

But, with all that, forgive me for the sporadic nature of my posts.  You’ll just have to deal, just as I have to deal with Runner’s Knee and too small of a closet.  You just need some patience, a little creativity, and deep breathing.

But!  Today!  I have a thrifting haul to share with you.  During the month of January, I pledged to B not to spend any money on myself (beyond food and gas for the car).  And I did it.  And I was proud of myself… and super ready for some thrifting goodness.  On the first weekend of February, I left B to his studying and visited the local church thrift store, the one I will now affectionately refer to as “The Rich People’s Thrift Store.”  This is where the rich people in our rich community donate their clothing, and the proceeds go to church happenings.  I’m cool with that, especially since nearly all of the churches in my area are “reconciled churches,” congregations that have made real steps to be LGBTQ friendly and open.  All of the prices are quite reasonable, with the most expensive standard pieces being blazers at $5.

The day that I chose to go was a stroke of genius.  It was one of the last weekends of their winter clothing, so everything was fifty percent off.  That made even those blazers a grand total of $2.50!  Score!  I scoured the racks and went over each one at least three times to make sure I saw everything that was available.  I was there for about two hours.  Trust me, I saw. it. all.  And I came out with these treasures:

1.  A floral silk nightie and robe set:IMG_8781

IMG_8779Paid:  $1.50 each, so $3 total    /     Retail:  60$

This pair is typically sold in a set, so I really scored on this.  Even though I wouldn’t consider these to be “winter clothing,” they still counted in the discount, so I went for both.  I thought these would be great for the spring and summer.  Cute, silky, and very appealing.

2.  Sigrid Olsen pants:IMG_8774Paid:  $2           /      Retail: $100

Apparently these pants were designed by a clothing designer hailing from the North Shore section of Massachusetts who has since stopped making clothing and gone into art design.  Huh.  Well, good luck with that and thanks for the pants!  My favorite part is that they have an iridescent sparkle of green-blue in them. IMG_8775

3.  Chico’s leopard print belt:IMG_8771Paid: $1.50       /      Retail: $35

A lovely lady in the shop picked this out when I was beside her and said I should try it on because I seemed like a “young, hip woman who could pull it off.”  You meet awesome people when you thrift.  This belt works as both a hip belt and a waist belt, and the print is actually a little furry.  The heart hardware is adorable.IMG_8772

4.  J.Crew maxi skirtIMG_8773Paid: $2    /   Retail: $138

I love love love me some J. Crew, but goodNESS are they expensive!  They realize they are selling shirts and pants, right?  Are they woven together by fashion fairies?  That may explain it.  I tend to be drawn by some sort of fashion thread to anything J. Crew in thrift stores, so I wasn’t shocked when I picked out this and discovered it was the good old Crew.  It’s a little small at this point, but with more time at the gym, I’ll be good to go.

5.  Sheer cream blouseIMG_8776Paid: $1.50    /    Retail: $25

The tag was cut out of this one, though I suspect it’s something like Talbots or perhaps more J. Crew (the remainder of the tag looks like the top of a T or J).  It’s a little boxy, but it is super comfy and on trend for the see-through blouse thing.

6.  TJ Paris blazer

Paid: $2.50     /    Retail: $200

Holy cats.  This blazer is an awesome purple color, so that’s why I got it.  When I got it home, though, I looked up the brand online and found out that the designer is a high-end Paris designer.  Bonjour!

7.  Adolfo tieIMG_8787Paid: $1.50     /    Retail: $35

I picked up this tie for B for Valentine’s Day as a smart-looking treat.  It will look so great with some of his solid colored shirts!

8.  Porcelain soup turine

Paid: (This was a gift… so I’m not telling… but if you can do math, go for it!)    /   Retail: $150

My cousins Emily and Jess got married on New Year’s Eve, so we needed a wedding gift.  This lovely turine matches or is very close to their dishes pattern, so I picked it up for them.  Congrats, guys!

9.  Mixed hangers

Paid: $1.50     /     Retail:  $4

A girl can never have enough hangers, especially when they seem to disappear from your closet.  I feel it is due to B’s uncanny ability to snap the ones in the coat closet with his no-heavier-than-normal jacket.  Typically I am OCD about hangers being the same, but for $1.50, I’ll suck it up.

So, drum roll please….

TOTALS:  Paid:  $25.75       /      Retail:  $693

That, my friends, is a 96.28% savings over retail.  Sahweet!

So stay tuned for a few more thrifting posts and a couple of running ones.  I have plans, so don’t count me out yet!