Friday Five

There are so many times in life where I probably don’t pay attention to how lucky I am.  I am a very lucky girl, and I would love to make myself more aware of that, especially when it comes to just how lucky I am to have B.  So with a little lot of inspiration from C’est Law Vie, I want to start my own Friday posts to remind myself what I love and am thankful for with B.

1.  You always ask if you can take my plate for me when we’re done with a meal so I won’t have to deal with the dishes.

2.  You took sick time to take me to get my first filling and hugged me until I stopped crying right before it.

3.  You let me have space when even I don’t know why I am upset.

4.  You are always willing to share your lip balm with my chapped lips.

5.  You help me understand sports by talking it out with me, not rolling your eyes when I don’t get a call and just deem it stupid.


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