Pack Your Trunks

As I alluded to before, B and I are on the move.  Waaaaay back in February, we came home to a letter from The Ohio State that offered B a place in one of their Ph.D. programs.  Hooray!  We flew out to see the campus, meet the people, and get the true feel of what it would be like to become Buckeyes (and I got the email from Goodwill NNE about blogging for them!). 

The campus was HUGE!  It was definitely a beautiful campus, and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with B.  I did not, however, enjoy some of the quirks to the campus, i.e. one professor who told me it was “cute” that I was a public school teacher.  Um, back up, woman.  You do the same. damn. thing.  If I called your job cute, you wouldn’t like it, would you?  Please put that holier than thou attitude away and come up with a better statue for your theatre department lobby.  My thoughts aside, I let B feel out whether the program would be the right fit for him.  I could continue to mock that professor in my head if need be.The next letter came from a smaller liberal arts college in Boston.  Boston, where a lot of our friends live.  Boston, where B went to school already for his undergrad and his Master’s.  Massachusetts, where I am already certified to teach.  Hmmm… this had potential.  But, of course, B had to check it out on his own (no vacation time for me on this one!) and feel it for himself.  He seemed pretty excited when he returned, so I had my fingers crossed for the financial statement to be in our favor.

So it was down to two.  B had applied to three, but school numero three decided to drag its feet and we wrote them off.  You snooze, you lose, suckah!  Please read that in your head using Mr. T voices.

Or so we thought.  Yeah, UMaryland decided to give B a very tempting offer, so he jumped on a plane at 4 AM, toured the campus, met the people, and then jumped back on a plane to get home by midnight.  It was a long day for him, to say the least.  He was very tempted by their financial aid offer, and the flexibility of the program was a definite bonus.

The decision period was LOOOOOOONNNGGGGG.  I set my own deadline for him to make up his frickin mind already! a well thought out decision for our future, and he made it right before Easter.  Drum roll, please!  These boxes (almost all of which are JUST our BOOKS!) will be moving on down to Massachusetts in a few short weeks!  The school B will be attending has a great reputation, a great location, and a pretty solid financial offering, which means that we will be getting paid for him to attend in addition to me bring in the real bacon.  I never thought I would be the breadwinner as a public school teacher.  I suppose B should just start calling me his sugar mama.

So this is our life in boxes… or at least our bookshelves in boxes.  August 5 is the day.  Have I mentioned how much I hate packing up all of my belongings and praying they fit into all of my family’s cars and a rental truck?  Oh sure, it may fit, but where is it all going to go in our new apartment?  Where, I ask, WHERE?!


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