Feedback, Jack

Lately, there seems to be a lot of feedback coming my way about my blog here.  I find it interesting because (A) people are reading my writing when I am posting (woohoo!) and (B) a lot of what I have heard has been from… men.  Maybe I was completely naive to think that the majority of my readers would be women, but when you write about fashion, the stereotypical reader is of the female persuasion.  But I guess I should listen to my own lessons in my classroom.  Stereotypes are bad, no matter how flattering they appear on the outside; someone always gets hurt with stereotypes.  Bad Erin…

When writing a blog, you always hope that someone is out there reading it.  Sometimes, it’s just your mom.  I don’t think it’s my mom, though, because I’m not entirely sure she knows I have this blog.  She found it funny that I stumbled across a way to blog for Goodwill.  I guess it never really occurred to her that I must have a way to get their attention in the first place.  In the beginning, it was just B.  Then I posted to Facebook, and my readers grew.  Then I got Twitter.  Then I was “hired” by Goodwill.  Now?  Now I’m getting feedback at work from coworkers who happen to click on my blog link when I post to Facebook (hey, guys!), which is both flattering and cool.  I’m also getting attention from a couple of angry men who seem to be totally swept up in the leggings as pants trend.  Who knew?

Come to think of it, that seems to be what has really made me wonder for the past few weeks.  It just started with one comment about how I “shouldn’t expect everyone to dress the same.”  You are absolutely correct, sir, and that’s the whole point of the blog.  I thrift because I want to save money, I want to experiment in creating my own version of fashion, and I want to be unique in how I put outfits together.  Was I missing something?  Did I write something I hadn’t intended?  Then it happened again on Thursday afternoon.  An anonymous gentleman “Mark” asked if I would expect the Rockettes to change their tights just to appear on David Letterman.  No, Mr. Mark, I wouldn’t, but if one of my students showed up to English class in a Rockettes outfit, you better believe he or she would be making a phone call home to put on some appropriate clothing for the school day.  Oh, and please watch the high kicks in my room, thanks so much.

Maybe that’s something I need to tackle, where my true “rules” and inspirations lie.  I want clothing to be appropriate for the occasion.  I want to push the envelope in a way that fits who I am but could play with some of the trends, and I know that I need/want to do more with pieces that I could be a little scared to try out in public, like wearing a maxi skirt.  While that may sound like conformity, I see it as a way of making myself stand out in a good way.  Getting attention for being the girl who wore a bikini to the cocktail party (ha! Like I’m ever invited to those!) isn’t exactly what I am going for. 

You go, Texas bikini girl!  You’re in great shape!  I would have gone with different color shoes, though.


With the big changes my life will probably be going through in the near future (more info on that one coming up when plans are a little firmer…), I keep coming back to writing because it’s creating talk, talk about fashion and society and expectations.  This is what I teach about!  So keep the comments coming (just be polite, please, even if you don’t like what I have to say).  I am loving it!

How do you think I could make my blog better?  What would you like to see more of, less of, or just plain tweaked?  Let me know!  Inspiration is always appreciated.


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