Oh Hey… It’s Wednesday

Long time no talk.  Sorry about that.  Life here has been absolutely nuts.  I seem to have a lot of fingers in a lot of pots these days (okay, that turn of phrase seems completely out of date), and it has just been wearing me out.  The minute my head hits the pillow every night, I’m dead to the world.  I hit the snooze button twice every morning.  I run around after school every day with meetings, finishing up our run of our one act piece, and getting paperwork to the random people it all seems to need to go to.  Seriously, who created all of this paperwork?  Why so much red tape for every step?  Huh?  Huh?

And yet, life goes on.  It’s already Wednesday!  And my schedule hasn’t calmed down, but that’s no excuse for skipping yet another day of writing.  I’m sorry, dear friends.  I swear writing is still a big part of my life, but the whole “I have to grade my students and give them constructive time and feedback” seems to be leading in the polls of importance as the quarter closes.  The life of a teacher, I tell you.

Being that it is Wednesday, I thought I would still do a “What’s Up, Wife?” entry as I get more entries lined up.  This week, I thought I would share with you five random facts about myself that are just that… completely random.

1.  I have the most random allergies.  Nearly everything that I am allergic to is something that most people wouldn’t think twice about.  Allergy #1:  Nutmeg.  The fall and winter cooking seasons are not my friends.  It started out as some serious acid reflux when I would eat apple or pumpkin pie.  I mentioned it to my mom, so she began experimenting with apple pie.  The first thing she pulled out of the recipe was, you guessed it, nutmeg, and the reflux went away.  From there, my allergy has seemed to get worse.  I accidentally ate a square inch of bread with nutmeg in it last week and I could feel the back of my throat closing a little.  Uh… that’s not good.  I try really hard to stay away from it, but you never know.  I’m lucky not to need an epi pin, though.  Allergy #2:  Chlorine.  If I stay in an overly chlorinated pool too long, the skin around my eyes will turn different colors.  First it will turn bright red, then black, then stark white.  I’m sure my parents had fun figuring that one out when I was little.  Allergy #3:  Jingles hairspray.  It’s just that specific brand, and I can remember it smelling like delicious green apples.  My hairdresser spritzed my hair with it after a haircut one time, and instead of showing off my new ‘do at home, I ended up growing painful, red horn-like welts.  It did nothing to help my sister’s opinion that I was the spawn of the devil.

2.  I have two middle names.  When I got married, I didn’t want to give up any of my given names or my maiden name, so I just kept my original middle name and tacked my maiden name on as a second middle name.  It’s kind of fun to be one of the only people with four initials.  My signature looks super fancy, I’ll tell you that.  I even got a little high five from the woman at the Social Security office when I told her I wanted to keep all of my names.  Hooray for freedom of name choice!

3.  My dream job would be some sort of combination of teaching, fashion, photography and crafting.  Would that make me a camp counselor?  I’m not sure, but if I can continue to teach, photograph colleagues and students during events and outside of school, and keep writing about fashion and crafting, life is good.

4.  I’m still scared of the dark.  My imagination runs wild when I am in the dark, and it always scares the pants off from me when I hear a noise I can’t identify.  Forget it if I’m alone!  I am convinced someone or something will jump out and attack me.  One time, B and one of my college roommates shut off all of the lights in my family’s camp when my other roommate and I went to the bathroom house (yes, the bathroom is a separate building… we’re old school).  He thought it was so funny until I started screaming at him and threatening to make him sleep outside (oh, I was not kidding at all).  There may have also been some expletives involved… I really don’t like the dark!

5.  I learned to tell the difference between right and left because of a scar and a birthmark on my arms.  None of that “your left hand makes an L with the thumb and index finger” for me.  I broke my arm jumping into a sandbox when I was six, so I have a scar from the two surgeries and pins on one arm.  The other has a bunch of spider vein red dots on the forearm section.  It’s a strange mark; multiple people have asked me over the years if it was from self harm.  Um, nope.  Not a chance.  I can’t stand paper cuts, let alone cutting myself.  Not me.  I am more the “eat some chocolate, cry, and watch some movies” type.

So what about you?  What do you have for random facts?  And I promise that I will write more!  Promise!


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