What’s Up, Wife?: Oh, You’re An Adult?

Not a list today, but I thought I would take some time to reflect on fashion and clothing choices in a different way.  You’ll love it… or you won’t.  Either way, it’s all good.

That title?  I get that a lot.  This past weekend, we discovered that one of the judges for the One Act Festival thought I was a student director.  She even renamed me Josephine.  Very pretty, but I am neither a student, nor am I Josephine, though I may make that my new alias. 


I have almost always had one of those young faces.  People would always look at me twice when I told them how old I was.  I guess I am more mature than my age but don’t appear to be anywhere near my maturity or real age.  Oops.  My sister, who is three years younger than me, started being called the older sister around the time I was 17 and she was 14.  She tends to wear more makeup than I do, which may add to looking older, and her style does come off a little more older-confident.  My clothing growing up was baggy (I was a chubber) and nondescript because of how uncomfortable I was with my size and my body.  My sister could rock anything, and I felt like I was stuck in paper bag-shaped outfits.

Does anyone else feel like when you turn 22, you get lost between the “teen” section and the “35 and older” section in a lot of stores?  You are either wearing the same clothing as your students or the same clothing as your mom (no offense Mom… we have similar style since I tend to give you all of my old clothing anyway…).  Where are the in-between ages supposed to shop?  Sure, there are stores like Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, and I guess Old Navy is pretty good, but prices can get pretty high.  High prices mean less clothing, which leaves a girl searching through and wearing old clothing that makes her look like a high schooler again (but not in the good way).

I think one of the reasons I love thrift shopping and redesigning my style in general is that I finally get to play with who I am.  Clothing is a huge part of looking like an adult, and I feel like I can play up my personality and look more age appropriate without losing myself.  Plus, the prices are so much better.  When you put me in jeans and a t-shirt, I look like my seniors.  That was probably the reason I got mistaken for a student director.  Put me in a dress or shirt and skirt that I thrifted, and I look more put together, more adult-like.  It adds a greater level of confidence.

For now, I’ll stick to working the unique pieces I have from thrifting to bring out my adultness.  One of B’s uncles told me that his niece had to go through a training on how to wear her hair and clothing when she began teaching high school so she would stand out from the students.  Perhaps I should have attended something like that… though I don’t think I want to go high-speed to school marm status. 




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