What’s Up Wife? Wednesday: Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Happy Leap Day!  I think Leap Day is the coolest thing, so humor my enthusiasm if you think it’s just another day to go to work.  Happy birthday to anyone who only really gets to celebrate once every four years!

Again, I thought I would link up to the “Listable Life” to share little bits and pieces of me.  Why not share your own with us, too?  Link up below if you do!

Five Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

1.  Going to a state college will not mean that you are dumb or not as great as anyone else.  You are just getting sucked into the whole “oooh, I have to go to a name brand school.”  Ignore that and feel confident in the school you choose.  There will be plenty of time to make your dream of going to an Ivy League school later in life.  And trust me, when you get there, the best part will be the people you meet, not the school or its name.

2.  It’s okay to be smart.  Really, it’s better than being pretty.  You can always be smart, but looks will only get you so far.  Keep reading, guard the page number you are on whenever you ride the bus to school, and do your homework.  You’ll achieve a lot more in life than those who are only obsessed with their looks.  And yes, all of those grammar exercises will help and will make you a better person.  Trust me.

3.  Be nice to that boy over there crying in seventh grade English class.  He’s weird, he cries over seemingly everything, and it may seem like a good idea to give him a hard time because that boy you like thinks it’s funny, but it’s a way better idea to be nice.  Want to know why?  Well, brace yourself… you marry that kid.  You love him and eventually want to have babies with him (but that won’t come for quite a while… I’m still waiting on that wanting babies thing…).  Be nice to people; it makes you a better person.  Plus, you and he are quite similar, even though you don’t want to admit it.  You’ll love him more than you can imagine one day.  (And yes, he’s still kind of weird.  But it’s okay.)

4.  Remember what I said about being pretty in message #2?  Don’t worry.  Some day you will think that you are pretty, and the man who loves you (see message #3) thinks you’re pretty, too.  Have some confidence, and love yourself a little bit more.  That weight will come off and you will find yourself in there.5.  Get off your butt!  You don’t lose weight by wishing it away.  You would weigh -200 pounds if that were true.  Walk, run, do a workout video, do something!  Oh, and ignore Coach Leland.  The last day of practice for field hockey during your senior year will NOT be your last day holding a stick.  You will love the sport for years to come and you’ll be a pretty enthusiastic coach to some pretty awesome middle school girls.  Being active is beautiful.  Being stinky after is great.  You’ll feel and look so much better if you stop making excuses!

What would you tell yourself?


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