Floating an Idea

I’m going to throw an idea out there; feel free to throw it right back.

The idea came to me from my amazing friend Amy who lives in the far away land of Texas.  We used to work together, and then she decided to up and move to where things are always bigger.  Their Goodwills, however, don’t seem to be any bigger or better than the Northeast’s, so as she was cleaning out her closet, she decided to make a pile and be different.  Instead of donating them to Goodwill or a thrift store that wouldn’t truly benefit from them (I guess they’re not so great in her area), she put them in a big box and shipped them to me!  I was uber excited to receive them, and just look for a post that’s coming soon to see some of the great stuff I now get to incorporate into my wardrobe!

Now is the part where you all come in.  With all of this sharing and spring cleaning coming up around the corner, it makes me think about having a blogswap!  All of you who are readers, bloggers, etc. could participate, and we could be incredibly green by sharing our clothes amongst ourselves.  We can post pictures of what we have available to swap, and each person can swap a piece for another.  It can be open for clothing, accessories, shoes, whatever you like!  You could get brand new to you items that someone else is tried of for only the price of having to ship your own stuff to someone else.  Sound like a deal?

If you are interested, comment below and let me know.  The more people we have participate, the better stuff we can all share!  Who’s with me?


6 thoughts on “Floating an Idea

      • I’d say either clothing or accessories. I’m hard on shoes and they get worn out fast, but I’ve got several tops, a couple pairs of jeans and some jewelry that I’m ready to let go of. How about you?

  1. Oh, by the way, I also have a “fashion” blog … if you wanted we could partner up on this and see if any of my readers want to swap? nothingtowearproject.blogspot.com

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