OH, What Inspiration!

I’ve been feeling inspired by red, gray, black and white as of late.  The way they go together, the way they seem to embody some power…


The back detail is quite fun and girly.  So cute! {Source}



So why the new inspiration with gray and red?  Well, look a little closer at that dolman sleeved sweatshirt above.  What does it support?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

It all supports Ohio State University!  I know, why would I now be a supporter of Ohio State?  Trust me, I’m not a closeted college football fan, but I can barely contain how excited I am for this.  Two days ago, B got his acceptance letter to Ohio State for a Ph.D. program!  He has worked so hard to get into the programs he wants, and I am such a proud wife.  When he opened the letter (and an email that told him he may qualify for some financial help), we could both barely breathe.  He got in!  While the whole idea of moving to Ohio makes me ultra nervous (goodness, how am I going to find a new job?!) and we still have to see where else he gets in (plus the financial aid packages), I am just so proud of B for his hard work paying off with an acceptance.  So, for now…


Go Buckeyes!  (But seriously, why is the whole state supporting a chestnut?  That’s like Massachusetts being “The Cranberries.”  Um, that’s not ferocious.  It’s a nut.  A creepy nut.  Just saying…)

Anyone know anything about OSU or living in Ohio?  Teaching me anything at this point would be super helpful!  And I may have already looked up where the Goodwills are…


2 thoughts on “OH, What Inspiration!

  1. first things first: it is THE Ohio State University. very important to remember.

    secondly, it’s too bad that Steve doesn’t live out there anymore!!

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