Inspiration: Hanging with the Crew

Saturday had been planned as a “let’s chill out and sleep in,” but then B got called in to work for a coworker with… questionable… reasons for being out.  So that left me alone for a chunk of the morning and afternoon, which was quickly (and insanely!) filled up with errand running – you know, groceries, buying dating-anniversary presents (eep!), and getting props for the drama club production (oh god, how do we only have a month left?!).  People were crazy because of the Super Bowl and the full moon.  Holy cats on a hot tin roof were people crazy.  I was spent after that.

But then I went to the mailbox.  Inside was today’s episode of inspiration:  the new J. Crew catalog!

Their new spring catalog is heading to a mailbox near you, and I have to say, despite the outrageous prices that go along with the majority of the clothing, the looks they come up with are pretty fantastic.  I love using these as inspiration for putting my own outfits together from my closet or when doing some thrift shopping.  Let’s explore some of the inspiring outfits I have enjoyed from their new lookbook, shall we?


It takes some power (courage? confidence?) to wear stripes with animal print, and I think I’ll have to work my way up to this.  That being said, I looooove the look of this outfit.  So pretty and so on trend with the striped top and the pops of animal print.  I love me some animal print!


I have never had a problem layering similar shades, and J. Crew is now encouraging more people to do the same.  The key is not to use the same shade for everything.  If you pick a basic color like blue, play with the different shades to pull together the outfit.  I love the dark blouse and the light shorts.  It’s a little unexpected when most shorts are darker than tops.


Denim shirts were all the rage in past seasons, and now it has branched out to structured denim dresses.  This dress looks adorable on the model, but with that neckline, my chest would look like it went down to my bellybutton.  But you rock it, model!  You go, Glenn Coco!  I have seen a lot of denim dresses at Goodwill, so maybe there is one out there I could find with a neckline that would be more flattering.


Goodness, do I love the colored denim trend.  These light pink skinnies are adorable, and it looks so smart paired with the stripes and the light blazer.  I could totally get away with wearing this type of outfit on a casual Friday, though I am not sure what my kids would say about me rocking some light pink jeans…  Time to get some confidence, I guess!


The tip that went along with this look encouraged consumers to tie their shirts instead of tucking them in.  Cool idea, but it gives me flashbacks to the 1990s when we all thought it was super cool to tie our t-shirts at the bottom or take the bottom and flip it through the neck hole to make a t-shirt bra thing.  Tell me I’m not the only one who did that…  The look above, though, is a lot classier and I love the color pairing.  And those pink loafers?  Sign me up!


The final pieces I was moved by were the floral prints.  Each print seems to come in different clothing options.  The print above is featured in the dress, the top, and a pair of skinny pants.  I’m not a huge fan of the skinny pants (flower placement would always be a worry for me), but the dress and top are gorgeous.  The colors are bold but very coordinated.  I really like the peplum ruffle on the top, too.  You could wear the dress to a dressy event (it would be excellent for a wedding) or dress it down for a more casual date night out or summer event.  The top?  Oh heck, you could wear that at any point.  Shopping, work, walking the catwalk, anything.

I will definitely be using the J. Crew catalog as a guide for looks I like as I shop around for spring and summer.  What do you think?  What looks are you totally onboard with for summer?


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