Pound It

Excellent news on the thrifting front!  Goodwill is opening a new location here in Maine, and it’s going to be a little different than their other retail stores.  This time, they are opening a “pay per pound” store!  Check it out!No more paying for each shirt; it’s all about how much it weighs.  This is how the pricing will play out:

Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Housewares and Toys

1/2 to 10 pounds –> $1.49 per pound

10 1/2 to 25 pounds –> $1.29 per pound

25 1/2 to 50 pounds –> $0.99 per pound

Over 50 pounds –> $0.79 per pound

Paperback Books –> $0.25 per pound

Hardcover Books, Videos and Cassettes –> $0.50 per pound

CDs and Record Albums –> $1.00 per pound

DVDs –> $2.00 per pound

Furniture, Exercise Equipment, and Appliances –> All individually priced

Pretty snazzy prices, huh?  Even B wants to go now that he saw the books were $0.25 per pound!

I have heard of other places having a “pay per pound” setup, but the closest place I knew of was in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the clothing district.  Bestie Al and I had made a plan to go when she comes to visit in July, but I guess now we don’t have travel quite as far to get our poundage on!  Wait… we don’t want to gain weight… you know what I mean…

Per pound is a great way to score some great items at a severe discount.  If you think about how much a typical shirt weighs, it will take about four shirts to make a pound.  Three or four shirts for $1.79?  Awesome sauce.  Even if it’s two shirts for that price, how can you beat it?

B and I are checking it out during the weekend it opens.  I cannot wait!  I will definitely take pictures and let you know how it goes!

Have any of you checked out a “pay per pound” thrift store?  Any tips to share?


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