Pricey Pricey

I’m cheap.  I always look for the least expensive meal on the menu.  One time, that was beans and rice, and you better believe that’s what I got.  I believe in generic brands for food in the grocery store.  Coupons are phenomenal!  I think the price hike Redbox went through is ridiculous.  $1.20?!  That’s way too much compared to the $1.05 it used to be!  Come on now.  And don’t even get me started on how the Hannaford brownie mix has gone from $0.99 to $1.18.  How is a public school teacher supposed to save money while still making her students reward brownies? 


It’s amazing how shopping Goodwill and Salvation Army has changed my perspective on what constitutes an “affordable” outfit.  Before I got hooked on thrift shopping, I thought a good deal on a t-shirt was $12.  Pants for $20?  Awesome!  Dresses were a steal for anything under $40.  And shoes?  Oh man, if it’s under $40, I died and went to shoe heaven.


Now?  Well, now my standards are changed.  It feels too expensive to pay anything over $6 for a shirt or blazer.  If that price tag says $7.99, that color sticker better be on sale.  Jackets are too expensive if they got anywhere over $14, and that’s only for winter-type coats.  Something lighter needs to be lower in price.  I don’t really look at the shoe section because, well, it doesn’t gross me out, but I have size 10 feet.  Those of us with those sized planks wear our shoes into dust because cute shoes are hard to find.  Do you hear me, shoe companies?  MAKE CUTE SHOES FOR BIG-FOOTED WOMEN!  And make reasonable heels, too.  Not all of us need to add five inches to our height.  Thanks.


Sigh, please make these in my size and affordable!

In reality, I know this won’t always work (but the shoe request should totally work.  Really!).  There are going to be times when I legitimately need to by a specific item (like maybe, someday, maternity clothing… wait!  Don’t get any ideas!  It’s just an example!), and I won’t be able to search thrift stores to my heart’s content.  Right now, I would love love love some great black tall boots, and those aren’t exactly shoes you can just walk into Goodwill and find in your size and style.  There will be times when I will have to play the retail game like a champ.  But right now, I like that I have super high standards for really low prices, not only because I get to save money, but I get to figure out exactly what I want without compromising much.  If I don’t like the striped shirt that’s available, that’s okay.  I can wait for new clothes to be donated.  It’s teaching me patience.  If my wants can survive the hunt week to week, they must be worth it.  If it’s fleeting, I didn’t need those clothes anyway.

What is your clothing price range?  What ranges do you find “too high”?  Come on, I know you can’t all be penny-pinchers like me (or maybe you are, which is SUPER AWESOME!)


4 thoughts on “Pricey Pricey

  1. Saw you on the bee, and loving what I am seeing so far!

    I am like you and find it CRAZY to spend full price on anything normally, and I have a size 11 feet, so I totally get you on that. Just wanted to say that you may even luck out in the maternity department as well! My local salvation army hasn’t been great for me (too many denim shirts!), but Savers has been awesome for maternity! Since I’m tall, I have paid full (alright, sale) price for pants, but dresses and shirts I have gotten thrifting!

    • Hi Marjorie! I never thought about going into the plus size section to shop for maternity clothes. What a great tip for the ladies who are looking! There could be some definite great finds to be had. Thanks for reading! I loved your blog, too, by the way!

  2. Im a major pincher ( except for purses, I did buy my 200 fossil purse for 65 ) Thrifted clothes I wont pay more the 5 for any shorts, pants, tops. jacket 10-15 shore 6-7 bucks. I think over all I like to use 5 for my marker. Its its above I have to love it. Its is below I could love it !

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