Workout Wednesdays: What’s Going On Under There

Workouts have become a staple in my weekly routine, and I have to admit, they make getting dress a lot more fun in the morning.  If I feel like I’m working on looking good, I feel better about how I look.  It’s one of those happy cycles I’m not in a hurry to break.  (Except for the occasional “I need chocolate and lots of it!” days, because you know those happen!)

I’ve covered some of the great finds I have found with workout gear, but on Twitter recently, one of the Twitter accounts I began (and recently stopped) following was talking about how hard it is to find a sports bra that does the job.  Sister, sing it!  I know that feeling all too well.  I have gone through countless sports bras since middle school sports, trying to find something that would support, strap down, and otherwise render motionless.  Unfortunately, with a chestial region like mine, there is no such thing.  Seriously.  There isn’t.  There is, however, a way to make things a little more comfortable as you run up that hill.

PROBLEM:  The Bounce – Bustier women need more support in their bras.  That’s a no-brainer.  They also need to use sports bras that are rated for higher levels of activity to counterbalance any sort of bouncing.  That’s not always so well known.  I have always been mortified with any type of bouncing going on, and the right activity level can help out tremendously. 


The bra above is a good example of what to look for.  It should have full coverage and be rated for an intense workout.  Smaller-chested ladies have the luxury of being able to shop for different levels of activity; those of us who have been “overly blessed” (yeah, right) do not.  My rule?  If you can find a great sports bra with full coverage and it’s rated for high intensity, make it your primary type.  Light intensity is just like putting on a regular bra.  What’s the point in that?

The fabric also plays a huge role.  If you are just skimming through this, no matter what size you are, listen to this piece:  COTTON SPORTS BRAS WILL NOT WORK.  Cotton is super comfortable, yes, but it does not hold up well.  It may work for a few uses, but after a while, it will lose shape and will not wick away any sweat.  Your ladies will just be bouncing in two puddles of their own.  Gross.  Go for a sports bra that is made out of lyrca or nylon because they are known to wick away sweat better.  They also keep their shape and maintain it longer.  Also, please don’t put your sports bras in the dryer!  Bad news bears!  The elastic will get crunchy and lose its elasticity.  The fabric will start to shrink (that’s never good) and won’t have as much support.

PROBLEM:  The Uniboob – Ugh, uniboobs.  So embarrassing.  There is a simple way to combat it, though.  Meet your new best boob friend, the racerback bra:


You can get it lined, unlined, whatever, though I wouldn’t go for a fancy one like the picture above.  Plain is good for this.  Find one that has a little underwire to it because that will keep the ladies separate.  If you use one of these under the high intensity sports bra, you are good to go.  I live in this combination at the gym.  I wouldn’t work out any other way.  My racerback is an older one I got from Victoria’s Secret, but any will work.  Give it a shot!

PROBLEM:  Not Fashnionable – I’ll tell you what.  Sports bras weren’t meant to be tops.  Sorry, but they were just meant to be sports bras.  That’s it.  However, if you have the body to rock one as a top or if you want to have a little color popping through, find a sports bra is a fun color to liven up the outfit!  You could even get in on the neon trend with your workout gear!


What problems do you have with workout gear?  Any tricks for working out that you have found?


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