Hey Bandwagon, This is My Stop

Okay… I have some confessing to do…

I broke up with my $10 a month clothing budget.  Yeah, I know, we’re not even out of January.  Yeah, I know, I’m pretty weak when it comes to knowing my limits and sticking with my goals.  Yeah, I know, I set up a lot of this blog with the intention of documenting my $10 journey.  Will you forgive me?

If you follow me on Twitter (which you all should!  I’m super interesting… kind of…), you know that I was asking around yesterday on whether or not I should stick with it.  I also asked on Facebook, and everyone responded that if the clothing is worth it, it’s worth getting over my failure of a goal and just pick up what I find.  See, I’ve been toying with how doable this goal was since the beginning.  I went into this with the best of intentions; my main reason for setting the goal was to make sure I am keeping my personal spending in check.  And I still want to.  That goal isn’t going away. It’s incredibly important for me and B that we always look at what we are spending our money on with the possibility of him going on to get his Ph.D. in the near future.  That takes money, people.  Money that I shouldn’t be spending on clothing.  However, as long as I don’t go overboard and I do consciously scrutinize each purchase – be it food, clothing, home goods, or entertainment – I make, we should be alright.

I also wanted to give myself a challenge.  There’s the caveat.  Of course sticking to $10 a month is a challenge.  We live in a world that seems obsessed with purchasing power.  We are mass consumers.  I’m part of that, and I wanted to be able to keep myself in the back of the pack, being someone to not buy into the message of having to have it NOW.  I still think of myself as one of those people, but it turns out that I am more susceptible to the need to shop than I realized.  I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but it’s certainly one of those feelings like if your parents told you you couldn’t date a certain boy.  Oh, you KNOW you want to date that boy now!  And damn!  When my fashion winter boots (fake Uggs) had half of the sole fall off, they were expensive to replace!  Not super expensive, but like a month and a half’s budget expensive.  On one pair of boots that I needed?  Sigh.  It proved to be too much of a challenge, I guess.

It was also a strange challenge because of what I am becoming known for.  At school, people have been reading this blog a little and have started to figure out just how much I love thrift shopping.  There may or may not be a whole group of us going to the next SwapMaine meet if there is one in the spring.  With that knowledge comes questions, like what I found shopping that weekend.  In no way was this a means of telling me I should shop more.  It was just curiosity.  Then add on this here blog.  If I am going to be talking about thrifting, shouldn’t I be doing some thrifting?  I thought so.  My purpose and my goal seemed to go together, but they were just a smidge too juxtaposed.

So here I am, 28 days into a resolution and it’s broken.  It kind of sounds like a Sandra Bullock movie.


But that doesn’t mean it has to be over.  Oh no, this is like that ex-girlfriend your current boyfriend can’t seem to shake.  It just keeps. coming. back. for. more.  My goals for responsible spending, consumerism, and thrifting still stand.  I’m just going to carry on in a different way.  Instead of putting an absolute limit on what I can spend, I’m going to just keep it as low as possible.  My new mantra is “house, not blouse.”  Saving for a future house means paying off student loans, which then means saving money, which means not so much shopping.  It makes sense to me!  Plus, I think that going into not spending much with a specific reason will work better than just jumping in without a particular goal.  A house is a good goal.

So, in summary:  I broke my $10 a month, I feel bad, my goals are the same, I’ll keep not spending much.  This means more thrift blogging for all of you!  Hooray!


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