What’s in a Name?

This is a break from the typical fashion post, but there is something to be said about the fashion of a name.  I have entered that phase of my online life where my Facebook front page has gone from “We’re engaged!  Here are the pictures!” to “We’re married!  Here are the pictures!” to “We had a baby!  Here are the pictures!”  It seems like my friend B and I are the only two people in our school building (student excluded, hopefully) who haven’t had children.  Truthfully, I get baby fever every once in a while, but then another coworker brings her kids in to sit in the cubicle across from me during my morning planning period, and it’s like the best birth control in the world.  It turns out that I really like quiet when I work and not hearing “Eat your breakfast!  Eat your breakfast!” eighty million times in a row.  Who knew?

But I’ve heard it’s different when it’s your own child.  Maybe, maybe not.  In any case, said hypothetical children would need to have names, right?  Being a teacher, there are a lot of names I wouldn’t consider naming any of my offspring because of experiences I have had with other children with those names.  It’s a career hazard, I think.  One bad day with a kid of a certain calling, and BAM!  That name is on the “Oh heck no!” list.  They could come off from the list eventually, but for that little bit of time, I won’t name a child that name.  There is nothing wrong with the name, of course; it’s all about the link I make in my mind to a certain event.

I have often wondered if there is something to how a name creates a personality in a child.  Look at celebrities, for example.  A lot of celebrities have unique names that make them stand out.  Yes, some of them have indeed changed their names to stand out more, but some of them were given those names from birth.  Does a name lead you to greatness?  Would Cher be as powerful if her name was Amy?  Or is it all about the power we associate with the name after the person does something?  Would the name Adolf be as bad if it wasn’t associated so strongly with the Holocaust?

But!  There are more positive names in the world than there are ones I want to avoid or have negative connotations.  Want to know what my favorites are?  Sure you do!  Otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far through my ramblings.

So here are my current love names.  Now, I’m being nice and sharing, so no stealsies, all of my besties out there!  Will we use all of them?  No no no… that’s too many people walking out of my nether regions.  But I like to have options.  What I want in a child’s name is something with substance, something a little unique, and something that won’t get him or her made fun of on the playground.  I admire the guts a lot of celebrity couples have when naming their children, but I’m not going for just the flash appeal.  I want my hypothetical children to know that I didn’t just open up the fruit drawer in the fridge, reach in, and name them after the first item I pulled out (yes, I’m looking at YOU, Gwyneth Paltrow!).


But seriously, how cute is she?!  And she’s already rocking some color blocking style.

Love Names – First Names (Girls)









Isyla (pronounced I-la)








Katniss (yes, I went there)



Middle Names (Girls)




Lena (short e sound, like Len – a, not Leen-a)


Love Names – First Names (Boys)










Middle Names (Boys)






I am sure that more will be added as time goes on.  I would love (when the time comes) to have a name in mind but not share is with anyone else.  If the sex of the baby isn’t a surprise, I believe in making the name a surprise.  People also can’t squash your enthusiasm over a name selection.

What do you think the power of a name is?  Do we create it or does a name carry its own power?  What are your favorite names?


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