Stay Strong!

December through mid-March is One Act season around here.  Being a high school theater director (yeah, I don’t think that one was on my ten-year plan I filled out in high school, but I’ll take it! [And oh my God… ten years?!  What?!]) means doing all of the dirty work to make theater productions go up, and at our school, we compete.  We compete with other schools around the state in One Act competitions.  Last year was my first year as a director and as a One Act competitor, and let me just tell you now, oh baby it’s on this year.  None of the doe-eyed “oh I’m new to the process” business like last year.  Bring it, other same class schools!  Bring it!

This year, I need to outfit my kiddos in some fancy duds.  We’re putting on a one act play that has the girls and guys donning the clothing of princesses and princes, almost a la Disney.  Almost.  I want the dresses to be poofy and the suits to look military-esque.  However, with all of these drama dress-up dreams comes the reality of not having much dinero.  (See all of that alliteration there?)  We have a very small costume budget – scratch that, an ANYTHING budget – and compared to our competition, we need to be very creative.  We need to be inventive.  We need to be thrifty!

That, of course, means multiple trips to Goodwill.  Cue the dramatic music.  Goodwill, my love and time-suck extraordinaire.  Do you know how hard it is to go into Goodwill and not look for insanely good deals on clothing for myself?  Yes, that is the reason I started the whole $10 a month quest, but come on.  Let’s be serious.  How can you stick to a budget like that when I keep finding deals like this:


A Ralph Lauren blazer with a fur collar.  For $10.  Ralph freakin’ Lauren!  For $10!  Seriously, shopping Gods?  Seriously?  It would normally cost at least $90.

So let me open this up to all of you.  Should I go back and see if this beauty is still there, breaking my $10 a month project?  Or should I stick to it and ignore the jacket?  Help!


3 thoughts on “Stay Strong!

    • It fit pretty well. It was a little hard to tell because I had on a sports bra from coming straight from the gym, and you know you can’t really tell what the chest will look like with those things on. I’m going to go back today and see if it’s still there. And yes, you are being a bad influence… and I love it!

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