Visual Shopping List: Ski Bunnies

B and I had the privilege to spend a day on the slopes yesterday with our friends Dave and Dave (yes, they are both named Dave, and they have the same middle name, too).  My school district has a special deal with a local mountain, and we get super discounted rates for lift tickets and rentals.  What could have cost $90 and up per person only cost $20 each.  Super score?  I think so!

Seeing all of the ski bunnies got me thinking about how you can make a fashion statement even when bundled up.  Let’s be honest, in a ski parka, there isn’t much of a body shape.  You are dressing for warmth rather than body shape highlighting.  Color, though, plays a huge role in setting your style on the mountain.  Do you want to stand out?  Do you want to blend in?  Do you want to have some structure to your outfit?  Do you want to look hardcore or do you want to look ready for the apres ski activities?  Your ski outfit can make those statements happen.

The Trendy Fashionista – For those ladies who want to stay up on the latest trends in regular clothing, like the stripes on this jacket.


The Figure-Conscious – The cut of the parka allows for your waistline to look a little more chiseled and defined instead of puffed up.


The Minimalist – If you want to look put together, but you don’t want to stand out (and show up when you end up with a face full of snow), you can wear something with some basic colors and little pops of personality.


The Powder Puff – With all of the fluff around the hood, you’ll look ready for any after skiing activities before you even leave the soft powder of the mountain.


The Standout – There is no way anyone would miss you on the mountain in this jacket!  If you want to show off your moves, pop on this and make sure you don’t fall!


With so many options for skiing looks, you will be sharper than your skis’ edges.  I try to stay as warm as possible, but I could definitely see myself with some of these parkas.  Right now, though, I am rocking this baby:


Soft, fluffy inside, rugged outside.  And don’t even get me started with how gorgeous the purple color is.  It was a very generous gift from my mom and dad for Christmas, and it is just so sleek.  Love it, love it, love it.  And apparently so does everyone else, because it’s sold out in every color in every category except for petites.

What do you rock as winter outerwear?  Do you like to ski?  Which jacket/statement would you like to sport?



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