Calorie Couture

Working out is one of my healthy addictions.  I love to get the blood pumping and the sweat pouring.  With so many people finding their ways to the gym because of new year’s resolutions, I seem to be in good company these days.  Well, maybe for another couple weeks or so…

I found this gem on Pinterest, and I would have to say it has become my workout mantra.


I fully believe it.  I don’t quite understand my fellow females who wear pushup bras under their very tiny, thin sports bras.  Uh… isn’t the point to strap them down?  There is no reason to go to the gym if you just want to look cute bouncing on the elliptical.  Seriously Barbie, get out of my way.  I have some calories to burn, and you working out at 0.2 miles an hour is not accomplishing much.  Have fun chasing that Ken doll in front of you.

While I may have my own opinions about fake worker-outers, I do still think that while your face shouldn’t look like you’re a model after a good workout, your clothing can still look great.  Why wouldn’t you want to look adorable going to and from the gym AND be comfortable and supported?  Sounds like winning all around to me!

For pants, I like having something that covers me up a little in the winter because it’s always freezing when I come out of the gym.  Sure, I’m still sweating profusely, but when that sweat freezes to my nose and forms long sweatsicles on my walk across the parking lot.  Nope, they’re not boogers, thanks.  I’ll break them off when I get to the car.  I also like bottoms that have a little stretch to them so that they keep their shape.  Here are some great pant/capri options:

Gap, Adidas, JCPenney

Or if those aren’t your style, you could just stop.  Hammer time!


In the spring and summer, I much prefer shorts.  With my new and improved thighs, I love a good pair of shorts that don’t look like I’m trying to rip off my brother-in-law’s basketball shorts but ones that don’t show off my butt either.  Since I workout either at home, at the cardio room at school, or running at the local track, I’m not in prime “look at my booty” locations.  Though I’m not quite sure what a prime “look at my booty” location is.  Hmm.  These shorts seem to be a good length with some fashionable features:

Gray, Pink, Green

Onto tops.  Ah tops, the bane of those of us with developed chestial regions.  I have friends who can work out in spaghetti strap tank tops.  If I did that, I would need a “bow chicka wow now” soundtrack playing in the background.  Like I said before, I don’t work in locations like that.  My brand of classy isn’t spelled with a capital K.  To counteract gravity and Mother Nature overgifting, I need shirts that are super tight, absorb sweat, and give the outfit some color, like these:

Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple

There are, of course, sports bras under there when I wear them.  None of that loosey goosey business.

How do you look cute at the gym?  Have you jumped on the workout wagon?


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