I’m with the Band: The Finished Products DIY

Thanks to a couple of snow days in a row (why hello there, five-day weekend!), I finally got two of my headband inspirations done!  Hooray!  I must say, I didn’t really have a plan going into making these headbands, just a lot of inspiration for some sweet new headgear.  All in all, with a little hot glue, a couple of burnt fingers (low temp hot glue gun, yeah right), and a lot of ribbon, I have two new headbands that I will wear out with pride.

To start off, I gathered my materials (the iPad box is totally optional).  I picked up a set of headbands from Walmart for $3.88 in their jewelry section, a package that had more than one width.  It came with two super skinny ones, one medium, and two flat and wide ones.  It was a much better deal than buying the ones that they sold individually in their crafting section.  Who cares if the original headbands had faux leopard print on the plastic?  You’re just going to glue over it anyway (or you could keep one like it is if you really like the print, like I did!).  I also bought a fake flower stem from their craft department for $2.  While the inspiration photos had orchids, I chose the iris because of the colors.  I love blue and purple, and I just thought I could wear this so much more if I chose something in that range.  It was also one of the cheaper fake flower options.  I already had a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and some ribbon at home.

I decided to start off on a basic one.  I chose a flat, wide headband and some bright cobalt blue satin ribbon left over from our wedding, securing one end to the bottom of one side of the headband.  Now, I didn’t measure, mainly because it wasn’t on a spool.  It was just a long scrap I had lying around.  For those of you who would like to try this, though, I would say to measure about 2 feet of ribbon to be on the safe side.  It also depends on how wide your headband is.  Mine was about an inch wide.

Once the bottom piece was secured, I tightly wrapped the ribbon around the headband.  Every three wraps or so, I would use more hot glue on the underside of the headband.  I would put part of the glue on the already wrapped ribbon and the other part on the headband.  This allowed it to bond to both materials.  I repeated this process until I came to the other end of the headband.  I then cut the ribbon, glued the end down to secure it, and waited for it to completely dry before showing it off to B.

Having done a pretty good job on that one, I decided to try something a little more daring:  the flower headband.  I love the way the flower stands out in Leighton Meester’s hair in the inspiration photo.  It’s elegant and more sophisticated than expected.  Because of the sophisticated nature of the look, I chose one of the skinny headbands, no more than a half inch wide.  It’s also shiny black, no need for ribbon.  I pulled the head of the iris off from the body of the fake plant and then took it apart.  Because I didn’t want the flower to stick out of my head, I took out the middle layer of petals and glued together the largest petal layer to the smallest petal layer.  It lies much flatter that way.

Looking in a mirror, I found the level at which I wanted the flower.  Too high will make you look like a three year old, too low will be a pain to your hair and head.  I chose about three inches up from my ear and made a little scratch with a sharp pair of scissors.

Now, for the next step, it’s important to realize that you are indeed working with plastic.  Plastic is slippery.  The first time I tried to glue down the flower, it peeled right off.  You know what makes plastic not so slippery?  Scratching it with scissors.  Not huge scratches, mind you, but little ones that only cover the area in which you will be gluing the flower down.  This makes it stick so much better!  I glued done the outer flower petal that will stick straight up and the middle of the flower where the stem originally stuck through.  Once the glue dried, we were in business!

So there you have my two Leighton Meester-inspired headbands, all for around $1.17 each.  Not too shabby!

What have you made lately?  Have you been hit by any snowstorms this winter?


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