$10 a Month: January’s Haul

It’s not even properly halfway through January and I’m already doing my “this is what I bought. Seeeeeeeeeee?” post.  Oops.  Oh well!  I’m pretty excited about the pieces I found, and I am even more excited to show them to you.  And guess what?  You don’t just have to read about them!  I tried out YouTube videos and decided to start off my short lived YouTube career with a vlog (video blog) on how my $10 was spent this month.  Check it out!

The shirts was pretty great, and I am super excited on a personal level because of their size.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have reached a size small in button up shirts!  I have gone on for years trying on button up shirts that were always too big in the body but just barely big enough in the chest area.  It’s incredibly frustrating trying to buy clothing when your waist and, well, the rest of your being are one size and your chest is another.  Many tears have been shed over trying to get clothing to look right, be age appropriate, and FIT.  Now, they fit and they look pretty cool.  Isn’t weight loss great?

So here is the breakdown for how much everything cost:


Express bright pink button shirt: Price on tag:  $4.99/Paid:  $2.25/Retail:  $49.90

Express light pink button shirt:  Price on tag:  $4.99/Paid:  $2.25/Retail:  $49.90

Merona brown pencil skirt:  Price on tag: $4.99/Paid: $2.25/Retail:~$22.99 (Similar style)

Salvation Army

Express pink leopard print wrap dress: Price on tag: $1.99/Paid: $1.99/Retail:  ~$49.99

She Wears the Pants cropped pinstripe jacket:  Price on tag: $3.99/Paid: $0.99/Retail: ~$40

Body by Victoria’s Secret black straight leg trousers:  Price on tag: $5.99/Paid: $2.99/Retail:  $39.50

TOTALS:  Prices on tags: $26.94/Paid: $12.72/Retail: ~$252.28

Overage into next month:  $2.72

What do you think?  Do you think I spent my first $12 well?  How would you have spent the same money?  Also, should I keep doing vlog posts?  Who wants to go thrifting with me?!


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