Black, White, and Red Carpet All Over

The Golden Globe Awards last night always make quite a splash with the award winners, the award snubs, and, of course, the fashion.  I’m sure that the Today Show will be featuring how to get the knock-offs for the next few days, and everyone will have his or her say about who looked hot and who should have stayed home.  While I won’t go as far as saying who I didn’t necessarily agree with (but seriously, I didn’t quite understand Angelina Jolie’s dress… it kind of looked like a “Oooh, Brad’s taking me to the prom!”), I will show you some of the awesome dresses I would have been happy enough to wear.

Trends that struck me in the dresses I loved were the incredible texture coming off from the dresses, the muted colors that almost always jived with the actress/wife/daughter’s skin tone, and the intricate detail.  Also, everything seemed sparkly.  You have to love the sparkles.

So take a look.  Who do you like?  There are, of course, hundreds of other photos for perusing.  Go take a look and come tell me who you like and who confused you.  Let’s compare!



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