Quilted Comfort

If you remember my post on how I made a scarf my dad made that was too short into an infinity scarf, you’ll remember how I went on about how crafty my family is.  One of my new co-workers at school told me that when he moved to Maine this past year, he had never met so many people who could be creative and make things with their hands.  Apparently, according to him, it’s more of a buying culture in New York and San Diego (his frame of reference).  I had no idea people didn’t make stuff all over the world.  Sure, there are pockets of really crafty people and I tend to follow their blogs, but are there really whole states that don’t seem to be creative?  Someone please prove my co-worker wrong!

Anywho, as another piece of proof about how creative my family is, I want to show you my newest bag that I am more than proud to rock.  Over Christmas, we made our traditional trip to my grandmother’s house (yes, I did go over the river and through the woods).  My grandmother is one heck of a creative woman.  She crochets and quilts like a pro, and she has made more flannel quilts that would put L.L. Bean’s bedspreads to shame than I can count.  For our wedding gift, she gave B and I  the first quilt she ever made because it was a quilt made with the scraps of clothing she made me when I was a baby.  I still tear up with how sweet it is. 

This Christmas, she decided to try something different with her quilting skills.  I was pumped to find that she had made me, my sister, and two of my cousins these beautiful bags: How adorable is that?  She made mine with inside pockets to pretend to keep my things somewhat organized.  There is a lot of space, and it’s so soft!  Now, I don’t really care if this is mainstream or not.  My grandmother made it for me with love, and that’s all there is to it!  However, the more I looked at the bag, the more I realized that the patchwork quilting almost mimics the color-schemed patterns that Coach has been putting out in their bags!


While it’s certainly not the same thing, I don’t care.  My bag is way better than Coach.  Anything with a “Made with Love” label on it is priceless.

What items do you have that mimic current looks but mean way more to you?


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