$10 a Month: The List

Along with the rules comes the list of what I want to look for.  Some months will be completely open-ended, and I can search to my budget’s limit and my heart’s content.  Others will be more structured according to what I need to add to my closet to make it more functional from season to season.  In Maine, you have to be ready for any type of weather.  We get everything from -10 degrees F days in the winter to above 100 degrees F days in the dog days of summer.  We have super humid air and super dry air.  We even have a fifth season to add onto spring, summer, fall and winter:  mud season.  I need to have pieces that work according to what I might face.  It’s a challenge, to say the least.

Either way, I want my list to reflect the list of essential pieces I shared a week or so ago.  Remember this one?A lot of these pieces are great for certain seasons, so I thought I would try to categorize them into their “months” in order to make the most out of my spending.  Plus, some may be more available than others at certain times.

So here is my tentative list of what I will look for for the next twelve eleven months (come on, guys… you know January’s money is already gone):

JANUARY: School/office appropriate clothing with pizazz – CHECK!

Only… a little less… frumpy.  {Source}

FEBRUARY: Black tall boots / fake Ugg-like boots to replace my dying ones


MARCH: Skinny jeans / straight leg black and/or tan pants


APRIL:  White rimmed sunglasses / Tortoise shell sunglasses, and new running sneakers (if I can find a good price)


MAY:  Classic string of (fake, clearly) pearls / Dressy tank tops


JUNE:  Tunic for over bathing suits


JULY:  Pink shorts! / Cotton mini skirt


AUGUST:  New bathing suits


SEPTEMBER:  New basic t-shirts for layering


OCTOBER:  New styles of jeans


NOVEMBER:  Silk blouse


DECEMBER:  New sweaters


There will also be pieces that I will always be on the hunt for, like a great boatneck striped shirt, great coats, and statement jewelry.

And, you know, you could always send me this stuff so I could come up with new ideas to look for… right?

What should I add to my list?  Any suggestions?  What months do you look for key items?


4 thoughts on “$10 a Month: The List

    • Thanks! I thought I could change the colors with the other one, but it turns out I can’t. I figured this one is much more my speed and so much less “I’m a frumpy lady”-esque.

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