$10 a Month: The Rules

We all know I’ve already spent all of my January money.  Yep, I can see that $10 currently sitting in my laundry pile, waiting for B and I to make our way to one of our parents’ houses to do laundry.  What?  You love free laundry, and you know it.  It’s not like we make our parents do our laundry.  That would be totally different.  We just like having washers and dryers that don’t charge us $1.50 a wallop.

It has become apparent to me, though, that my new year’s resolution to only spend $10 a month needs a few more set-in-stone guidelines to really get out of the metaphorical hamper.  Rules that I will hold myself to, and rules that will hopefully inspire other people to try this masochistic daring adventure in shopping.

A Wife of Material’s Official $10 a Month on Clothing Rules

1.  I will have $10 to spend on clothing and accessories each month.  This includes shoes, hair supplies like barrettes and headbands, jewelry, etc.  It does not include makeup, elastics, shampoo, etc.  It encompasses things that will go directly on the outside of my body to clothe me or add to a look.

2.  Crafting supplies, even if these include t-shirts, headbands, etc., will not be included in the monthly $10 count.  I have a need for craft projects to keep my creative brain happy, and while most of them don’t include items that would be considered clothing, it would be really hard to draw a line if I included some craft projects in there.  Would beads come into the budget if I happened to make a bracelet?  What about embroidery floss?  I know I have to make a t-shirt with my coworkers for staff spirit for Winter Carnival events in February, and I don’t think that should count since I have to make it for work.  So, I am making all crafting supplies outside of the budget.  I will, however, try my darnedest not to stretch this rule.

3.  If a clothing item or haul costs more than the allotted $10, the overage will come out of the next month’s money.  This, however, does not count for December 2012, as I cannot put any overage into the following year.  I may or may not have gotten $2 into February already.  What?  Don’t judge.  I’m learning.

4.  I will try to stick to my list of “What to Shop For” each month first and then look at other pieces after.

5.  I will document everything that I purchased with my money each month.  Because you know you want to see what this girl can do with only $10, and otherwise, what’s the point of talking about clothing, this challenge and having a blog?

6.  The following items will not count in the final counts for any months:

                          ** Bras – Come on, this would cost like five months’ worth of clothing spending.  Plus, a girl needs a quality bra.  The ladies will never forgive if they aren’t comfy.

                            ** Running Sneakers – My shins won’t forgive either.  With the working out I do and the running I do in the summer, I NEED good running sneakers.  It’s a health thing.  And good ones don’t come cheap.  These aren’t something you want to skimp on.

7.  I will only be allowed to spend more than $10 a month when Bestie Al comes to visit in July. This rule seems like a cop-out, but I am teaching Bestie Al how to thrift, and with the locations I plan on exploring with her, I am leaving my options open.  I will, however, not go over the second part of this rule to keep myself in check.

7A.  I will only be allowed to spend $20 in the two week window that Bestie Al comes to visit.  That money will count as all of July.  I do not get to add another $10 as my “monthly” allotment.  The $20 for July is it.

8.  I will buy clothing and accessories that will work for longer than a trend will be in style, i.e. I must buy clothing that I will get a whole heck of a lot of use out of.  Shouldn’t this be everyone’s goal when buying clothing?  I want to make sure what I have is great and not something that will end up donated again in a couple of months.

9.  I am allowed to accept clothing from friends and family, as well as take part in swaps as long as their entrance fees do not go over the monthly money limit.  The entrance fees will count as spending money on clothing.  I went to a fabulous clothing swap back at the end of October, and their entrance fees were $5 with a bag of clothes to contribute or $10 without a bag of clothes.  I did a little research, though, and found that if you brought a bag of clothing and a plate of cookies to contribute to the food table before the swap began, you could get in for free!  I want to take part in more events like this because I ended up getting some amazing pieces, and the prices was absolutely right.  I want to leave myself open to taking in free clothing as resources and styling them to fit my personal visions.  Plus, free doesn’t break the budget!

See?  Now those don’t sound so bad, right?  Now let’s see if I can stick to them.  I hope to come out of this with a closet that I am really proud of, and a purse that still holds a lot of cash.

How are you tackling your closet and your new year’s resolutions?


3 thoughts on “$10 a Month: The Rules

  1. Our washer & dryer are $1.25, but I don’t use the dryer (it seriously sucks! you’d think there would be one decent dryer out of 6! NO!), instead I bought a drying rack at IKEA for $20, it’s paid off for itself in about 2 months!

    • I love the fact that if I am really in a clothing pinch I can run downstairs in our apartment building to use them, but the price for what you get is a tad uncalled for. I mean, we’re paying how much a month AND you want us to pay more for laundry? No thanks. I’m sure it will only get worse, though, when B and I move closer to Boston in the future. Womp womp…

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