Uh… What?: Fashion I Don’t Get – Half Tucked Shirts

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I am a novice when it comes to what is and isn’t fashionable.  Most of the time, I can see why people are really into a certain trend.  Fake fur?  Get it.  Sequins?  Sign me up!  But there are certain trends I just don’t freakin’ get.  To explore my “what the hell is that about?” opinions and hopefully gain some perspective from you readers, I have decided to start posting trends that I just don’t get.  Like really don’t get.

Let’s start with something I have seen all over Pinterest and fashion catalogs lately:  the half tucked in shirt.  It’s mostly done with button up shirts, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere with t-shirts, lurking in the shadows of store windows, hiding on unsuspecting mannequins.  Poor mannequins.  They could never see it coming.


My main question is, why does this look good?  Sure, the outfit is well put together.  The colors pop.  Still.  When did it become “the look” to look like you forgot to put your clothes fully on?  It kind of reminds me of being caught mid-make out and trying to make yourself look natural.  Be cool, boyfriend.  I don’t think they saw us.  Oh friend, they totally saw you and your shirt is totally giving it away.  Put your life together and go study some more.  And you missed a button, just FYI.

My mother tried to raise me to always tuck in my shirts.  When I became the chubby kid in school, tucking my shirt in was out of the question; it only brought attention to my waist, an area I desperately wanted people to avoid.  But this, this really asks people to look at your waist and top of the pants area.  Do you really want people’s eyes to be pulled there?  The model above clearly doesn’t have a weight or a self-esteem issue, but how do people who do take part in this look?

I respect the fact that there are lots of trends that not all people enjoy or understand.  I still don’t know what people saw/see if humongous bell bottom pants, but they were hugely (no pun intended) popular.  I just don’t get this.  Maybe it’s a juxtaposition thing.  It’s the uncharacteristic pairing of undone and polished, rumbled and structured.  Maybe that’s it.  Anyone care to explain?

What trends do you not understand?


2 thoughts on “Uh… What?: Fashion I Don’t Get – Half Tucked Shirts

  1. At first when you said half-tucked shirts, I thought “oh, where the front is tucked in but the back is out so as to not flash everyone when you bend over.” But no. This is just weird.

    • See, what you thought would make SO much more sense! I have seen this half in, half out look in so many magazines and pictures, and all I can keep thinking is, “Who made this cool? Was it on purpose? It couldn’t have been on purpose… right?” Who knows!

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