The Problem with Ten

There’s a problem with only spending $10 a month on clothing.

See, the problem with $10 a month for a clothing budget is that you have to be really really selective.  You can shop the sales all you want, but $10 is pretty small when you go into a store where most clothing costs $4.99 and up, like Goodwill.  It’s even worse when you try to go to a retail shop at the mall.  Good luck with that.

The problem with $10 a month is that you have to know exactly what you want to look for.  Goodness knows that browsing will just lead to some jonesing, and that will just throw you over the top.

The problem with $10 a month is that your loving husband will laugh at you as you try to refigure just how many items you can get at Goodwill or the Salvation Army over and over again.  He will, however, do this once you have already brought your purchases home.  Getting him to come with me is an act of magic (or just pouting and batting my eyelashes).

The problem with $10 a month is that it’s so easy to go over.  What if the shoes I want cost more than $10?  What do I do?  I can’t bargain with the people at Target.  Trust me, those people don’t haggle.

The problem with $10 is that there are always awesome clothes just out of your reach.  Darn you, delightful shirts that cost a dollar more than I can spend this month!

The problem with $10 is that I want to spend more!

Well, I guess there’s always February’s budget… 😉


2 thoughts on “The Problem with Ten

  1. It might sound a bit (ok, a lot) ridiculous, but I have actually bargained at thrift stores, if you have a valid argument like, hey, this has dirt around the hemline, and I will have to get it drycleaned before I can wear it, and that will cost more than that actual dress, etc…

    • I would love to have the guts to do that! A lot of the time, I feel like I shouldn’t because (A) I already consider the prices pretty low for the quality I find and (B) the money goes to charities. (I have only thrift shopped at Goodwill and Salvation Army.) What kinds of deals have you gotten with bargaining? Is it easier at non-charity stores?

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