Sometimes Clothes Don’t Matter

I know that I promised these posts would be about fashion, but I can tell you absolute certainty that in life, clothes are the fun part.  Clothes don’t always matter.  Life without clothes would still be life, you would just be a little colder and a lot more naked.  Still, there is a whole heck of a lot more to being alive.

This past weekend, I lost one of my students.  It is the most awful feeling; my students are my kids.  It doesn’t matter whole old I am or how old they are, they are my kids.  I love each and every one of them.  When this young lady slipped away from us, it broke my heart.  Bloggers write about every little thing their fingers can put onto a screen, but I cannot express how much sorrow I feel for my student, her family, her friends, and our whole school community.  I got the phone call at 8 AM, in the middle of a grocery store, and burst into tears.  This is the second student death this school year.  There is no replacing her, and when my students come back to school, there is a lot of grieving that will happen together.

It doesn’t matter if you look put together every day, it matters that you have the ability to get up and live.  Whatever you believe in, I would be grateful if you could keep my students, my colleagues, and their families in your thoughts and prayers.  They could really use it.

Today, please just be happy to live.  The rest is just outer layers.




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