Spring 2012 Fashion Trends – Harper’s Bazaar

Want to know a secret?  There is this little part of me that wants to live up to one of the lyrics in “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.  I want to shake my little tush on the catwalk.  I would love to walk in a fashion show, to get to try on magical clothes and show them off.  However, I don’t really see a chance of that happening too quickly (they don’t design for people with boobs), so we’ll move on to another round of spring 2012 fashion trends.  This time, I am pulling trend reports from Harper’s Bazaar Spring 2012 New York Runways feature.  Oh, and it’s getting personal.  If they are going to show that many ways of looking at a trend, you better believe they are going to receive that much commentary.  Let the fabric bath begin!

“Flower Power”

This one seems to go along with Glamour.com’s declaration of bold prints being in, only the flower prints in their runway photos are a little more subdued.  Flower print was pretty in last summer, and many people (especially on YouTube) did quite a bit of transitioning their flowered frocks into fall with some boots, a cardigan, and some tights.  I think flower print, when done in proportion to the model’s size, can be done quite brilliantly.  But still… what’s with the Groucho Marx eyebrows?

Then again… sometimes you look like you should be stuck back in the ground with some fertilizer to try and develop some more.  “Out of Africa”

Rawr!  I have fallen in love with animal prints with their current popularity in the fall season, and I am pumped to see it continue into the spring.  I tend to favor more realistic looking prints, but I like the combination of tribal and animal prints.  However, I would like to point out that not all of Africa looks like this.  It’s like saying America is just red, white and blue.  Kind of stereotypical…And some look like something you might find after the lions have hunted and gotten tangled with a pack of beasts.  I guess it’s not the “circle” of life anymore; it’s the rectangles. 

“Gatsby’s Got It”

With all of the decades we keep scrolling through on hyper-speed this year, is it any wonder that the 1920s are coming back?  Fringe is in, and I could really get behind a cute little fringe skirt with a little sparkle!  Check out these gorgeous pieces, the one in the front and in the back!  I would love a chance to wear something so elegant, so ladylike and so sparkly! 

This next one, though, feels more like a combination of the “oversized” trend and the 1920s, something that may not entirely mix.  I kind of feel like the model was playing dress up in her giant mother’s closet.“Sport Couture”

All of the non-girly girls in the world can rejoice with this new trend.  I guess it’s kind of a rife on the masculine trend from the past couple of seasons.  I have been sporting the sport couture every day when I walk out of the gym (sweat not included when you buy the clothes), but I suppose it had to become official on the runway.  The look I liked the most seems a little like the “flower power” dress above but with a jacket over it and in black.  Anyone else see the similarity?

Oh, right.  I’m pretty sure they are by the same designer.  Good job, self.  Good job.  And AHHH!  Groucho Marx again!  AHHHH!

Somehow, some of the looks seem to say that sporty means oversized and a touch frumpy.  Don’t get me wrong, all of these misses that I have posted will probably be someone’s cup of tea, but there is no way I would wear an outfit like this:I… I… I just don’t know where to start with that one.  We’ll move on now.

“Lessons in Geometry”

Geometry was soooo not my favorite mathematical topic in school (I heart me some algebra!  Shout out to Mr. Wall [my pre-cal and AP calculus teacher, not the actual wall]), but these patterns are so chic!  I love geometric patterns on furniture, and I fell hard for all of the chevron stuff that came out last year.  Heck, I would even call stripes one of my geometric loves.  Bring on some geometric patterns!  Okay, so the dress below isn’t completely patterned – it’s more like stripes – but it’s still cute.  The description on the website, though, called the orange “safety cone orange.”  Um, that’s not going to help sell a lot of them…

You may need some hazard cones around this piece, though.  B’s first reaction when he saw the screen was, “Oh, is Dick Tracy coming back?”  No, sweetheart.  Not in this house, he’s not.

“Sorbet Separates”

Yet again, this jives with the pastels trend that Glamour.com featured.  These pastel colors are gorgeous, especially in the soft pinks, blues, and purples.  Look how airy this dress looks!  Don’t you just want to own one too?

But use caution, fashionista friends.  You probably don’t want to wear every pastel in your closet at the same time.I can really see myself using some of these trends as I hone in on some of my wardrobe.  Pastels and lighter colors tend to be classic, and as long as I don’t go overboard like the disappearing-under-her-hat lady above, I should be all set.  I would also love to try some of these ideas, like flower prints, a sportier cut, etc., in a skirt or a dress.  Many of my dresses are pretty, but not exactly show stopping.  That could use a tweaking.

What fashion trends do you like in this bunch?  Do you agree or disagreeing with my opinions on these outfits?  How will you incorporate them?

(All photos are sourced from Harper’s Bazaar… except theirs won’t say “hit” or “miss” on them…)


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