Spring 2012 Fashion Trends – Glamour.com

Even though I am currently freezing my giblets off here in Maine, the newest fashion trends are making heat waves on the runways in New York, Milan, and all of those other places I would love to visit and look amazing in… but that covers most places.  I plan on looking through different sources to find what really speaks to me and my style, so here is our first look thanks to Glamour.com (Glamour Magazine’s online website). 

1.  “Cheerful Color-Blocking”


Color-blocking (where you wear very different blocks of color on different parts of your body, like a green shirt and yellow pants) has been in for at least two seasons, and I guess it’s not going anywhere.  The bathing suit in the picture is interesting, though I am more of a solid or tiny print kind of girl when it comes to being half naked in public.  The middle dress, though; that I could really get behind.  Someone buy it and then either send it to me or donate it to my Goodwill, okay?  Sounds like a plan!  Also, I think someone forgot to tell the models that this trend is cheerful color-blocking.  Get those ladies some chocolate, STAT.

2.  “Anoraks”


Anoraks are like sport raincoats.  There, that was a simple explanation.  Apparently they make you look chic in the rain.  Really, most of the time, I’m just trying to look dry in the rain.  And possibly warm.  I do think the idea of a cinched-waist light coat for spring is a good idea, but who wears one with a bathing suit?  Oh, is that not supposed to be a bathing suit?  I’m confused.  Moving on…

3.  “Super Bold Prints”


I’ll say!  I think everyone can wear prints as long as they are in correct proportion to the person’s body.  And not located like a mind and eye sucking bull’s eye on the model’s crotch area like the middle one.  Seriously, can anyone else not stop staring at it?  Who put that there?!

4.  “Oranges and Tangerines”


This is totally up my alley!  The fruits?  Delicious!  The colors?  Hooray colors!  While I do not support the look that says, “Oh highway patrol!  I’m over here and I have escaped the chain gang!  Yoohooo!”, I do like wearing orange as a real statement piece.  One of my scarves for winter into spring is a great bright orange and pops against most outfits.  Apparently I was in style before it was in style.

5.  “Pink Shorts Suits”


These models look very cute, but I’m not sure where one would wear this trend.  It also kind of reminds me of a 1980s Easter outfit.  I’m not sure why.  I can really see myself translating it into some great pink shorts for spring and summer.  Me and pink?  We’re good friends.

6.  “Futuristic Prints”


This is another question mark for me.  I could possibly see myself trying something like the dress, but the pants?  Okay designers, you may want to really look at your garments and ask yourself where your eyes are drawn.  If it’s the crotch, I call shenanigans.

7.  “Pastel Shades”


Wait, doesn’t this happen every Easter?  Oooh, right.  This means it will be in for more than one uncomfortable family photo with too many frills on a Sunday.  I’m a little wishy washy on this one.  Maybe some lavender or blues for me.

8.  “Colorful Camo”


Unfortunately, where I am, a lot of camo is worn way too often and in all the wrong ways.  Camo is a way of life around my school district, and I can’t say I am a big fan.  These patterns aren’t quite what I would call camo, though.  The white and gray dress above is quite pretty, but if it’s really going to look like camo, I think I’m going to skip this one.

9.  “Metallic Basics”


This one has carried on from the fall and summer, and I love it.  I picked up a great bronze bag from Goodwill at the end of December, so it goes right along with this.  Metallics are fun and pretty accessible to most people.

10.  “Peplum Skirts, Shirts, and Dresses”


I had no idea what a peplum anything was until about a week ago when I watched this YouTube video from Dawn Del Russo.  Peplum was a very big style in the 1940s, and it’s making its comeback this season.  Thanks to that video being relatively DIY, I think this is something more people could try to pull off without having to find an actual peplum garment.  I feel like a lot of girls who don’t like their hips will be skipping this one.  I don’t really have hips, so I would at least try something like this on.  I will, however, be skipping model #1’s eye makeup and model #2’s hair and eyebrows.  Yikes.

So there you have some of the most accessible Spring 2012 fashion trends according to Glamour.com.  What do you think?  What will you rush out for?  I think I might try to see what kinds of awesome thrifting I can do for the prints, the pink shorts, the metallics, and possibly the pastels.  We’ll see!


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