Short on Money, Short on Scarf

Did I ever tell you that my dad knits?  As in sits in his recliner when he comes home from work, picks up his latest project and simply knits.  He usually has this fellow on his lap, as well, which can make things difficult:

Meet my sweet cat, Italics!

I come from a very crafty family.  My mom is a wonder at painting, drawing, calligraphy, and baking.  My sister took AP Art in high school, works as a hair and makeup artist now, and can draw, paint, create mosaics, and sculpt better than anyone else I know.  My dad’s hobbies include blacksmithing (he made the lantern stands for my wedding centerpieces), using CADD programs to run and design projects, and, of course, knitting.  He also drew and painted at one time, I think.  With all of that crafting and artistic ability comes a deep sense of how valuable handmade gifts are.  You don’t just toss them aside because the color is “a little of.”  You Tim Gunn that business and “make it work!”

That’s what I knew I had to do with a certain green scarf I received from my dad a couple years ago.  When he was just beginning, he started off like any other beginning knitter:  pot holders, wash clothes, and scarves.  I received at least one of each.  This green scarf is a gorgeous color, and very well done.  The problem, however, was that it was made too short.  I think he had run out of yarn.  Draped around my shoulders, the ends would only fall to the tops of my chest, and that was without tying it.  Sadly, it didn’t get a lot of use and just sat there in the bottom of my winter clothes tub, wishing to some day be a real scarf.

Suddenly, the thread fairy came to visit!  The green scarf was granted its wish to be a real scarf, and with a little hand-stitching magic (no crickets involved), it was brought back to life.  How?  By making it into an infinity scarf!  Chunky knits are all the rage this fall and winter season, and they have been for at least the past three.  Infinity scarves don’t seem to be going anywhere either, so I took out my trusty sewing kit (no luck on a sewing machine from Santa this year), threaded the needle with some green thread, and sewed the two ends together, using a tight X pattern to keep the stitches from stretching.  It took maybe 20 minutes, and voila!  I had a brand new chunky knit green scarf from my dad that will get a whole lot more use!

Total spent on new item of clothing:  $0

Monthly clothing budget left:  $10

How have you revamped your down-on-their-luck clothing items recently?


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