I Want You to Want Me

Let’s be real.  When you get dressed in the morning, you take what other people will think into account, even just a little.  Come on, you know it’s true.  Otherwise, a whole heck of a lot more people would be running around naked.  I know at least five people who would if they could.  Two of them nearly did.  Boston does an underwear day.  If you ever visit Boston, watch out for that.

When I get dressed, I take a few things into consideration:  whether or not I have to work, what I am doing for the day, the weather, and my mood.  But before I even get to picking out an outfit, I have to figure out how to shop for an outfit.  After all, where does my style taste come from before I look for pieces?

Tons of girls (and probably guys for that matter) look to celebrities for some help.  There are a few people I would love to emulate (and it would certainly help if I had their wallets… just saying…):

1.  Reese Witherspoon


Can we just appreciate how chic and effortless she always looks?  From her hair to her clothes, she’s always put together.  Dear Reese, please be my style Godmother and grant me my clothing wishes.  Her style is very classic with touches of trends here and there.  Oh, and she’s into having swap meets with her friends.  PLEASE BE MY FRIEND!  And could I be your size?  Okay thanks.

2.  Rachel Zoe


I love her spunk.  I recently found a few episodes of her show on Hulu (what?  This broke girl can’t afford cable, thank you very much.) and fell in love.  I have gotten so many ideas from watching her style celebrities and just seeing what she wears on the show by herself.  Sometimes her clothes are a little out there for me, but I can appreciate where she lives and what she has to work with.  She isn’t afraid to make a statement, something that I am trying to work on.

3.  Lauren Conrad


I know, I know.  But put “The Hills” behind you for a minute and look at what she wears.  She is another one of those combinations of classic and on-the-minute trend.  Her clothes become her, not the other way around.  Also, I love her line for Kohl’s.  They are just too cute… but sometimes too expensive.  Come on, Kohl’s.  Help a poor girl out.

As for non-celebrities, I have a few family members who really have a great eye for things I might like to wear.

1.  My cousin Becky

Becky is on the left, Jess is on the right

Becky is eight years older than me, and I have always found her style to be up my alley.  She is quite like Reese Witherspoon with her ability to take classic pieces, rock them, and then add pops of trending.  She almost always looks put together, and her outfits over Christmas were adorable.  Too bad I don’t have pictures…

2.  My cousin Jess

While I’m using the picture above, I might as well talk about my cousin Jess, Becky’s younger sister.  Jess was like my big sister growing up because we lived across the street from each other and are a year and a half apart.  She has always dared to wear things I didn’t.  I was the wallflower, and she dared to show it off.  Her wardrobe is put together, fun, and quirky.  Her shoe collection is killer, though I don’t know how she wears some of those shoes sometimes.  She must have feet of steel.  Even when she was pregnant, a time when most women would hide under baggy clothes, she had style.  Love it.

There are, of course, loads of other people who give me silent guidance, like my sister who tends to show me the up-to-date trends and picks classic pieces on occasion just like me. She also rocks in the makeup and hair department.

I find that the more I people-watch, the more I find what I like and what I don’t like.  Just being witness to fashion helps me weed out the “what the…” from the “hmm, I could do that.”

How do you pick out clothes when you go shopping?  Who are your style icons?


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