Winter Wedding Wardrobe – Make New Friends and Keep the Old

My good friend Becky is getting married this week, and B and I are lucky enough to be invited to join in their celebration.  I cannot wait!  Weddings make me all mushy inside.  I would love to do mine again.  Right honey?  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Yeah, maybe this time around we shouldn’t move the Monday before our wedding.  That wasn’t so much fun…  The moving part, at least.  The living together part was and is, though.

With winter weddings, you have to take a few considerations to heart.  First, this is Maine and it’s going to be freakin’ cold.  Like hold onto your appendages and pray you don’t get stuck behind the super slow walkers going into the church because you’ll stick to the sidewalk cold.  Second, you want to look good, since, you know, some of these people haven’t seen you since you graduated from college.  Let’s pretend like our waistlines and life have been good to us, yes?  It can be hard to get both of these to work in an outfit, but I am going to give it my best shot without pulling out a cardigan.  Why no cardigan?  Because I am trying to look more sophisticated!  More adult!  More… sweater-less! I also wanted to come up with something that could appropriately reflect a semi-New Year’s celebration.  The wedding isn’t on New Year’s Eve, but it’s around it.

Digging through my closet, I decided on one of my black dresses.  With three-quarter length sleeves and a hemline that kisses the knee, it will be long enough to be (A) appropriate (this is a Catholic service) and (B) warm.  This dress was free through a SwapMaine event I attended in October.  But the dress is black, you say!  Oh no!  Not to a wedding!  Oh yes, friends, a black dress to a wedding.  Not all of my outfit is black, and I’m not wearing a black, face-covering veil.  Black is fashionable, I won’t get accused of trying to look like the bride, and it’s sophisticated.  It’s also the warmest dress I have in my closet.  Black it is.

To jazz up the dress and make it less “oh, you brought funeral wear to the wedding.  How nice,” I picked some accessories that will add some dimension and some mass appeal.  My necklace is a piece I found on super discount from Ann Taylor Loft in April ($2.93), and I typically get compliments on it.  With so many lucite gems and a chain, it’s definitely eye catching, but not in an “all eyes on me” way.  The silver is again reflected in the silver slim cuff bracelet ($0.40 eBay).  I’m experimenting with mixing metals, so I want to wear a black elastic belt with a gold clasp (eBay $4) to cinch in my waist and give the dress some shape.  To go along with the gold, I am pairing it with a gold clutch (Goodwill $7.99) and some strappy gold heels ( $29.99).  Throughout the styling process, I kept singing “Make New Friends but Keep the Old” because of the silver and gold reference.  Ohhh, I could have also sung “Silver and Gold” by Burl Ives.  Huh, didn’t think of that one…

What do you think?  Wedding wonderful?  I could also see this outfit as a good option for New Year’s Eve parties.  It’s sparkly, stylish, and polished.

I cannot wait to see some old friends and celebrate with the happy couple!  Congratulations, Becky and Brian!  Enjoy married life!


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