Resolutionary Ideas for 2012

Everyone’s doing it.  You know you are too.  It’s resolution season, people, and when that ball drops to ring in 2012, millions of people will turn to those around them (even the ones who are asleep) and evaluate every little piece of life that didn’t suit them in the past year.  Oh, I need to lose X number of pounds!  Oh, my car needs to be better organized!  And oh!  I will finally get that chocolate addiction under control!

Oh.  Sorry.  You didn’t want to hear mine?  Sorry.  Go back to sleep.

In terms of fashion, I have a few clothing resolutions.  Want to hear them?  Sure you do!  Now that you’re awake, I’ll share…

1.  Don’t spend more than $10 a month on clothes (with the exception of the month when Bestie Alana comes to visit and we go thrifting together.  Then I’m not responsible for $10 a month.)

2.  Go through all of my clothes and focus in on what looks good, what fits, and what I will continue to wear.  None of that “Oh, I might need it some day” business.  Either I will wear it or I won’t.

2b. (or not 2b… ha ha ha!  Oh come on, I teach English!)  If I won’t wear it, I will give it to a friend who will, give it to a swap meet, or give it to Goodwill.

3.  Love the clothes I wear and rock them.  2012 is not the year to look ho-hum.  Not with the world ending and all.  Shouldn’t we all want to look fabulous?

4.  Become better at matching clothing with makeup.  I should probably learn to be better at makeup while I’m at it…

What are your new year’s resolutions?  Happy new year!  Enjoy your night and have a great 2012!


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