Goodwill Thrift: December 2011

December was a month of Goodwill stops during the weekends, and man oh man did I find some great pieces.  Some of them still need to be dry cleaned, but that’s an easy fix.  The real fun, besides hunting down these great pieces, is finding out how much I saved on them.

Vashi’s Clothing blue crop blazer – Totally vintage!  The tag says it’s from the 1950s.  While I couldn’t find the equivalent online, I did find a listing for a men’s jacket going for… wait for it… $465!  I KNOW!  So, I’m going to guess that mine may run around $200.  I am in love with the cute button details and the variety of pockets.  The color is a plus too.

Paid:  $2.50                            Retail:  ~$200

Talbots Chanel-inspired black and white cardigan – How can you go wrong with something that is Chanel inspired?  That lady knew what she was doing, though she may have had a slight problem with all of the “Holy crap, we’re almost having sex on TV to sell what? Oh yeah, a perfume” ads her company now runs with Kira Knightly.  She was very classy, a little more classy than the ads.  This sweater, though, is quite classy and incredibly soft.  It’s made out of pima cotton, and even though it is made for petites, I like it as a cropped sweater.Paid:  $2.50                             Retail:  ~$50

Kenneth Cole Reaction black and white cropped jacket – Does anyone else watch “Project Accessory?”  It’s the new spinoff of “Project Runway,” but it revolves around having accessory designers compete instead of clothing designers.  B and I are big fans of “Project Runway,” so we gave this one a shot.  It’s definitely not as fabulous as its predecessor, but some of the judges have some good ideas.  One such judge is Kenneth Cole.  I love his clothing’s style.  It just happened that I stumbled across this lovely cropped jacket from Mr. Cole’s Reaction collection at Goodwill.  At only $5, I had to have it.  It’s such a statement piece, and it adds a pop of style without looking too trendy.  Paid:  $4.99                            Retail:  $129.00

A.Byer gray blazer –I think this is a brand that comes from J.C. Penney’s or something, but I couldn’t pass up this classic gray blazer.  I wanted a gray blazer since I have a weird obsession with gray clothing, and this one fit like a glove.  Who cares what brand name it is?  As an added bonus, it’s machine washable!  Score!Paid:  $2.50                            Retail:  $44.00

Mossimo black piping pencil skirt –You all saw this skirt in my Christmas Eve outfit, and I must say that I was shocked when I tried it on.  Why?  It’s a size 4.  I’m not a size 4.  Because I am wearing this skirt as a high-waisted skirt, though, it fits.  Never thought that day would come.  This is an easy skirt that will look great with a lot of blouses and is long enough for school outfits.Paid:  $4.99                            Retail:  $20

Sears “Blazers That Fit” lipstick red blazer – Okay, this one is totally from the 1970s, shoulder pads and all. And I kind of fell into the “ooh, everyone else is talking about how versatile red blazers are.  I should get one” mindset.  I am, however, bound and determined to make this my own piece and rock it.  How cute would it look with my newly made leopard infinity scarf, some dark jeans, and a white t-shirt with flats?  Paid:  $2.50                            Retail: ~$45

Apostrophe black blazer – A black blazer is a classic piece, and now that I have found my appreciation for blazers, I thought I would find one that looked great.  You can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, anything really.  This one has a little rip in the lining, but I can fix that with a needle and some thread.

Paid:  $4.99                          Retail:  $58.00

Red faux crocodile skin skinny belt – I have no idea who makes this, and it’s a little beat up, but it does the job.  It was also half price.  I wanted a little pop of color in my outfits with belts, so why not go with a belt that only costs a dollar?

Paid:  $0.99                         Retail:  ~$15

Mondani tan leather cross-body purse – I have been on the hunt for a cross-body bag since they became really popular in the early summer, and if you think about it, they just make sense.  Purses take up valuable hand space, and while you certainly want to be secure about your purse when shopping and traveling, if you are feeling pretty okay with your surroundings, a cross-body is a super cute and functional option.  This one is made by a company called Mondani, which Sears carries.  It’s in great shape and can go with a lot of outfits.

Paid: $2.50                         Retail:  $30

Emilie M. bronze purse – Yet again, I had no idea who this label was, but I did know that the price was right and the color was gorgeous.  It’s a statement purse with a bit of metallic shine.  It’s got a lot of space, and the lining has a fun print to it.  For $2.99, how could you say no?  Maybe this is why my closet seems so small…

Paid:  $2.99                        Retail:  $60

Italian silk scarf – I have a bunch of pashmina scarves, but I hadn’t branched out to any silk scarves.  This one caught my eye in the accessory bin, and while I put it back, picked it back up, put it back, and finally purchased it, I am very happy I did.  The color is really pretty, and it will add a sophisticated touch to any basic outfit.  It has color, it feels great, and it looks expensive.

Paid:  $3.99                        Retail: ~$35

Nine & Company tan blazer – Again, a blazer in a basic color that will go with a bunch of outfits.  I feel like these pieces are going to be essential in building my classic wardrobe.  I love the Nine & Company brand (an inexpensive line from Nine West), and I couldn’t pass this one up with the color and the fit.

Paid:  $4.99                        Retail:  $40

Moda International cream wool dress peacoat – Holy moly, this was a find!  I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across this coat.  Moda International is a brand that designs primarily for Victoria’s Secret.  I have had my eye on their coats for years, but they always had steep prices.  Not anymore!  I have worn this Christmas caroling, to Christmas Eve festivities, and it will look great throughout the winter season.  I plan on wearing it to a wedding this week.  What?  It’s not a white dress!  No one said you can’t wear cream jackets to a wedding.

Paid:  $19.99                       Retail:  $149

TOTALS –   Paid:  $64.05 (with tax)                             Retail:  ~$927.50 (with tax)

Savings:  $863.45

While I am a little guilty for spending that much money ($30 was awesome find money, the rest was not) on clothing, I cannot believe the finds and the savings.  While these pieces weren’t brand new, they still have loads of uses left in them.  Each month from now on will only be a total of $10, but I can tell you that these pieces will be well used and loved.

Do you shop at Goodwill?  What have your favorite finds been?  If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?!


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