Check, mate!

I hinted at a checklist for fashion in yesterday’s post, and I promised I would share.  Since I don’t want to disappoint my preschool teacher and prove my sister right, I will in fact share.  What?  I can share!  I’m good at it… sometimes.

I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  If you haven’t found this website before, let me explain it a little.  Pinterest is a website that functions as a public “bookmarks” list, but instead of just seeing titles on one computer, you see pictures of your bookmarks and can access them through any computer on the internet.  You can categorize what types of people/interests you want to follow (fashion, food, crafts, art, etc.) and create your own lists.  I have probably 20 lists of different topics going on, and I love adding to them.  Unlike many who go onto Pinterest, I have actually made some of the projects I “pinned” and they are great!

Pinterest fuels my need to look for great style, and being able to see photos of people wearing different pieces together really helps.  I was bombing around on the site the other day, and one of my friends had pinned this delightful list for fashion:


Pretty cool, huh?  There are some of the categories that I feel need a little revamping.  For instance, living in Maine means I NEED a winter jacket.  For Pete’s sake, I would freeze to death without one.  I don’t care how cute I look, pneumonia and frostbite don’t look good with anything.  Also, what exactly counts as “lace underpinnings?”  Because, um, I’m not really going around showing those off to people.  And I look stupid in hats.  Really.  I have a face and head shape that just screams “Hey look!  This idiot listened to a website and thought she needed a hat! Bwhahahahah!”  No bueno.  My goal today is to go through the list and document which ones I have and which ones I need.  Oooh… maybe I’ll make it into a YouTube video…

How do you rank with this list?  Does it make sense to you?  What would you add or take away?


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