It All Began With You…Tube

Maybe I should have listened to my obsessed students.  Maybe I should have taken a hint from my husband.  Maybe I would have picked up on it faster.  Maybe.  But now that I know, it’s all about using my resources.

I’m talking about YouTube and all of its teaching goodness.  What?  You’ve never thought about YouTube as a teaching tool?  Oh friend, we need to talk.  You see, there are these people called (self-proclaimed) “Beauty Gurus” or “Style Gurus.”  These are people who broadcast ideas, advice, tutorials, and documentations of their clothing/make up hauls after shopping.  They can show you how to do crazy amazing makeup looks:

Or perhaps show you what the best products from the drugstore are:

But what I am after here is a bunch of clothing videos, videos that can help me take my basics and turn them into fantastic outfits with very little cash and a little magic. I stumbled across this type of subject when I was knee deep in figuring out how to repaint and refashion furniture, another one of my hobbies.  There are so many “how to” videos on YouTube, so I just typed in “How to thrift shop furniture” in hopes of getting a video about getting something about scoring great furniture at low prices.  While I did find a few of those, I also found great videos on thrifting clothing, accessories, and shoes.  My curiosity was peaked.  Clothing?  For cheap?  But wouldn’t it have holes or be dirty?  With some video reassurance, I fell in love with new ways to save (and spend) money.

So who do I turn to?  Let me introduce you to the ladies of my YouTube subscription.

First, there is the lovely, adorable, “I think we should totally be best friends” guru Wendy of “Wendy’s Lookbook.”  I adore her tutorials.  I just want to pick her up and put her in my pocket!  Oh, and make sure you look up her video on how to tie your scarves in a million different ways!

The next guru I love to follow is Anne from “Anneorshine.”  She was a recent find, and I love how she is able to show what the current trends are in classic ways, not ways that will be “oh my goodness, so out” in a week.

Another recent find was Ally of “Fashion By Ally.”  While I think that sometimes her videos have too much flash and too little clothing construction, most of her creations fit with my style and give me some good ideas.

Finally, Ms. Pink Fabulous, Clothes Encounters, and The Fashion Citizen round out my key subscriptions.  I am always finding new ones, though, so I will definitely share the goods.

Ms. Pink Fabulous is great for thrifting, vintage finds, and Outfit of the Days (or OOTD, as it is known).

Clothes Encounters gives an interesting look at how thrifting can be made mainstream with styling and pairing.  Their pairings aren’t always my cup of tea, but it’s a great way to see what outfits would look like together on someone else.  Hey, if I’m not brave enough to try it, why not see it on someone else?

Steph and Melissa are two sisters who tend to go shopping a lot together, and it’s such fun to see what their finds are.  Again, some of their pairings wouldn’t suit me at all, but it’s not about me.  It’s about seeing how different clothes can create different moods.  They make me want to go thrifting with my sister and make videos.

So there you have my YouTube round up.  Who do you like to listen to on YouTube?  Do you have any favorite gurus?


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